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Ethiopia Design for important needs – Workshop di Arturo Vittori





Ethiopia "Design for important needs", is the 1st edition of a series of intensive workshops, lab’s, didactic and scientific collaborations between the Iuav University of Venice, the University of Cincinnati and the EiABC Ethiopian Institute of Architecture, which will combine the skills and resources of two nations, for mutual cultural, professional and personal enrichment.



Currently different remote Ethiopian villages lack basic services such as electricity and energy, water and sanitation, refuse and waste removal, critical basic services that could improve the lives of the people leaving in those harsh and inhumane conditions.



A humanitarian project which wants to research and find smart solutions and innovative ways to harness natural resources which are crucial in sustaining the lives of people living in remote geographical areas in Ethiopia.



Combination of local resources from bamboo to different natural fibres and materials and traditional skills with cutting edge technologies, and interactive platforms from solar panels,to WiFi to different high tech sensors.



Mobile collecting water structure capable to catch condensation in the air. The goal is to create an autonomy for potable water for remote geographical locations and urban environment with insufficient infrastructures.



After an initial research phase which will help identify the aspect which needs immediate attention in the remote Ethiopian villages, the students will create smart products as solutions using all the local resources at their disposal, for example natural fibres, bamboo, mud, different kinds of textiles combined with cutting edge technologies and sensors.

In the 1st edition of the workshop the entire team will work collaboratively, focusing their research and experimentation to create a single functioning prototype to demonstrate the functionality of the project. Eventually in the editions to follow newer teams will be formed to take ahead the project until it reaches its final phase.The teaching staff and the students will use interdisciplinary approaches, resources, and research methods including not only digital design tools, but also studies regarding material performances and sustainable manufacturing processes.



The workshop will be concluded with an exhibition that will be organized to show the result of the student work.



To comemorate the conclusion of the workshop we will launch a balloon suborbital art-craft with the ‘AtlasCoelestis‘ sculpture as a symbolic gesture that represents the connection between the cradle of humanity and the universe. A symbol for a positive future of ethiopia. The device will be equipped with camera to take footage from above.



Professors: Arturo Vittori, Andreas Vogler, Fasil Giorghis
Assistants: Raffi Tchakerian (IUAV), Tadesse Giramy (EiABC)


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