Undergraduate and graduate programmes offered by the University iuav of Venice:

requirements for selection


In order to be considered for selection you must have earned one of the following qualifications, or earn it within 31 July 2019:

> degree earned in accordance with D.M. 270/04, for programmes related to degree class L-17;

> degree in Scienze dell’architettura (class 4) in accordance with D.M. 509/99, earned at Iuav;

> degree (also foreign) or university diploma which allows the recognition of the mandatory 108 ECTS planned for degree programmes related to class L-17.

The recognition will be effective upon decision of an evaluation committee.


A B2 proficiency level (or equivalent) in the English language is required (see link for a list of certifying bodies).

Proficiency is mandatory for admission.

If you do not have an English language certificate proficiency, and will not earn it by 31 July 2019, you will not be allowed to enroll.

If you are expected to earn your English certificate after your pre-registration, and within 31 July, you will have to send it by email to the enrolment office (info.immatricolazioni@iuav.it) no later than 2 August 2019.



office in charge


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