Undergraduate and graduate programmes offered by the University iuav of Venice:




School for Advance Studies in Venice Foundation

Rio Novo

Dorsoduro 3448/U




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coordinator: Donatella Calabi


scientific committee

Giorgio Agamben, UniversitÓ luav di Venezia

Carlos Basualdo, UniversitÓ luav di Venezia

Howard Burns, Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa

Francesca Castellani, UniversitÓ luav di Venezia

Ennio Concina, UniversitÓ Ca' Foscari di Venezia

Laura Corti, UniversitÓ luav di Venezia

Antonio Costa, UniversitÓ luav di Venezia

Marco De Michelis, UniversitÓ luav di Venezia

Francesco Doglioni, UniversitÓ luav di Venezia

Paolo Fabbri, UniversitÓ luav di Venezia

Lorenzo Lazzarini, UniversitÓ luav di Venezia

Patrizia Magli, UniversitÓ luav di Venezia

Giulio Mirabella Roberti, UniversitÓ luav di Venezia

Mario Piana, UniversitÓ luav di Venezia

Marko Pogacnik, UniversitÓ luav di Venezia

Franco Rella, UniversitÓ luav di Venezia

Stanislaos von Moos, Accademia del Moderno di Mendrisio

Guido Vittorio Zucconi, UniversitÓ luav di Venezia

Bernard Jan Hendrik Aikema, UniversitÓ degli Studi di Verona

Letizia Tedeschi, Archivio del Moderno di Mendrisio


international scientific committee

Caroline Bruzelius, Duke University

Jean Luis Cohen, New York University

Yves Hersant, Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales

Bruno Reichlin, UniversitÓ de GenÚve




The University Iuav of Venice, in agreement with the University Caĺ Foscari

and the Venice International University of Venice (VIU), founded the

School for advanced studies in Venice foundation - ISAV.


The School for Advance Studies in Venice offers fours doctorate of excellence (PhD) programs, all supporting internationalization:

> analysis and governance of sustainable development

> network economy and knowledge management

> economics and organization

> theories and history of arts (with three directions)






The PhD program in Theories and History of Arts focuses on interweaving the disciplines of history of architecture and of cities, philosophy and history of the arts, aesthetic theory, and the conservation of architectural heritage.


Coordinated by Prof. Donatella Calabi, the PhD program's faculty body is comprised of professors and researchers from the departments of History of Architecture and of Arts and Industrial Design of the University Iuav of Venice, as well as from other Italian universities (Pisa, Verona, Udine) and international universities (Duke University, New York University, Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, UniversitÚ de GenÚve).

Although the program is based prevalently on the academic program of the Iuav of Venice, it also relies on a number of international agreements and partnerships with American and European universities and research institutes.


research areas

The PhD program is focused on conducting research that is directly connected to the historical-critical analysis of artistic practices, in all their various forms (architecture, visual arts, cinema and photography, music, theatre, dance, etc...), as well as in the complex relationships that exist among them. The themes have been organized in three broad areas of theory and criticism: the history of artistic systems - systems which intercept, organize, and guide artistic theory, practices, and products; the history of knowledge which allows artistic practices to be set in place; nd the individuals and professionals in the field, including producers (creators and executors), dealers, critics, historians, collectors, and users.


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