Undergraduate and graduate programmes offered by the University iuav of Venice:

doctoral programme in

architecture, city and design


architectural composition



palazzo Badoer
San Polo 2468

30125 Venice



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Carlo Magnani


faculty body

Università Iuav di Venezia

Benno Albrecht, Armando Dal Fabbro, Agostino De Rosa,

Antonella Gallo, Pierluigi Grandinetti, Carlo Magnani, Eleonora Mantese,

Mauro Marzo, Gundula Rakowitz, Patrizia Montini Zimolo

other universities

Giovanni Marras, Carlo Martì Aris, Maurizio Meriggi, Luca Monica, Raffaella Neri, Luca Ortelli, Guido Zuliani


Giovanni Fabbri, Giorgio Grassi, Antonio Monestiroli, Luciano Semerani



Riccarda Cantarelli, Cristiana Eusepi, Andrea Iorio, Luigi Pavan, Carlotta Torricelli






The goals of the doctorate programme in Architectural Composition at the University Iuav of Vencie are different from those of the doctorate in History of Architecture and Urban Planning or those proposed by doctorates in Architecture Planning.


Composition, in an unorthodox interpretation, is any organization of formal discourse, in that such discourse both follows the principles of classicism, as well as subverts the rules. Analytical study is based on retrieval of original documents (original drawings of the composition process) and on the critical interpretation of such via activities of redrawing, thematic comparison, and iconographic and iconological analysis, in light of specific knowledge in the discipline.


Knowledge acquired through research efforts (preferably the study of a single work) is useful to experimentation in design and planning, the latter of which yields the best results when conducted in the form of workshops led by faculty body members.


In recent years urban renewal and expansion have been favoured topics in architectural planning and design seminars. The level has always been high for the dissertations and projects presented, thanks to the availability of two design rooms, two halls for seminars and ex-cathedra lectures, a department library, and a library for PhD studies. Such factors are indispensible for the effective management of activities and essential to the doctorate programme itself.


Of equal importance are the opportunities for deepening reflection and self-criticism involving cultural approaches that are complementary to architectural composition. These activities originate from the discussion of issues which stem from the comparative and metahistorical analysis of works. 



research areas

The programme involves the following research fields:

> works of Italian architecture from 1930 -1950, with specific reference to the School of Milan and the School of Como

> Simbolic dimension in contemporary architecture, with reference to late Le Corbusier, to John Hejduk, Edvard Ravnikar, Bogdan Bogdanovic, Lina Bo Bardi, Juan O’Gorman, and Frits Peutz

> Works from the School of Madrid and the School of Oporto

> Architecture-urban planning unity in projects by Behrens, Mies, Hilberseimer, Scharoun, Ungers, and Kollhof

> Amphibious dimensions and utopias in the city of Venice


academic careers for doctorate students

PhD graduates from the past 18 cycles of the doctorate programme have obtained positions of full professors (8 in Italy and 4 abroad), associated professors (11), and researchers (16). 


recently published dissertations

Filippo Bricolo, “Il memoriale di Kampor”, in Memoria Ascesi Rivoluzione, Iuav/Marsilio, Venice 2007

Domenico Chizzoniti, Ideologia e iconologia. Architettura e rivoluzione, Clean, Naples 2008

Loris Dal Pos, ”Composizione e carattere nei progetti urbani di E.G. Asplund”, in Carattere Narrazione Variazione, Iuav/Marsilio, Venice 2008

Maroun El Daccache, The mediterranian City between Myth and Reality, Lebanese American University, Beirut 2005

Reimund Berthold Fein, A Word in Favour of the Cross-Section, 2003

Esther Giani, Il riscatto del progetto, Officina, Rome 2007

Giorgio Girardi, “L’assemblaggio di una sedia”, “Il MASP 1957–1968” in Lina Bo Bardi architetto, Marsilio, Venice2004

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Andrea Pavan, “L’architettura di Saverio Muratori”, in Carattere Narrazione Variazione, Iuav/Marsilio, Venice2008

Laura Anna Pezzetti, “Stanze architettoniche. Bank of England di John Soane”, in Carattere narrazione Variazione, Iuav/Marsilio, Venice 2008

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Giuseppina Scavuzzo, “Simbolo e Composizione. Le Corbusier 1950–1965” in Memoria Ascesi Rivoluzione, Iuav/Marsilio, Venice 2007





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