Undergraduate and graduate programmes offered by the University iuav of Venice:

2-year graduate degree in Design


Dorsoduro 2206, Convento delle Terese, Venezia

Riviera Santa Margherita 74, Treviso

info: specialistichefda@iuav.it

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admissions: 25.06 > 22.08.2012

available places: 75

(plus 5 available for students non EU citizens non residents in Italy)

info fees: accessi@iuav.it


access via interview: 30 August > 5 September 2012


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The curriculum combines design studio courses with courses in technology and in the human sciences and a wide choice of humanities courses shared with students of Visual and Performing Arts.


The studio courses are taught by a wide range of professionals from Italy and abroad; many are taught in English. Each studio course has its own atelier, which becomes the student’s workplace for its duration.

The degree program aims at producing capable designers who, when they graduate, will be capable of working on their own or in organisations, to find employment in companies, in study and research centres, in cultural organisations and in design curation or journalism. Later in their career, the programme prepares them well to fulfil roles such as art director, design strategist or design manager.


The coursework is followed by the thesis, an individual project lasting from six to twelve months. Though it is possible to graduate in two years, a more normal pattern is to graduate in the spring of the third year.

Students who have successfully completed the graduate degree programme in Design may pursue their studies in a doctoral degree programme.