via Torino


Via Torino 153/a

30170 Mestre Venezia

tel +39 041 532 2590


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seat of
LabSCo Construction Sciences Lab

The new workshop for the programme in architectural construction is located in the city of Mestre, in an area dedicated to Venice universities for the purpose of creating a scientific and academic pole.


The central part of the workshop consists of a “contrasting structure” – a grating of reinforced concrete partitions embedded in the subsurface – and a “bridge crane” made of two series of pillars.  The building was designed to resemble a shell that descends from above and protects the virtually pre-existing inner space. The interior is shaped by natural light penetrating from both above and below: from below, by means of an outside glass slot sealing the separation from the base shell; and from above, by means of a series of small skylights crowning the large central skylight. A symbolically industrial feel is accomplished by the presence of a vertical axis which in theory connects the underground structure to the large overhead light box of the skylight.


The roof terrace’s two sections are connected by a projecting external passageway which makes up the framework for a hanging wall garden. The building’s exterior is finished with ventilated facings in large rose-colored marble slabs. The skylights are plated in zinc and quartz. To isolate the new workshop space’s mass, a slight depression was made in the ground. A tub was constructed of opus signinum (fine Roman concrete) by adding marble slivers from the façade to the concrete mixture.