Santa Croce 191

30135 Venezia

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seat of

the rector’s office, main administration offices, faculty of architecture, lab system, central library.


The Tolentini premises are located near Piazzale Roma and include the convent of the Tolentini church and certain surrounding structures such as the entrance way, the small ex-Palma house (acquired in 1968 and restored in 1977 by the IUAV technical office), and the pavilion built in 1962 by civil engineers.


The Tolentini premises was designed by Vincenzo Scamozzi in the sixteenth century and restored by Daniele Calabi in the early 1960’s.


The convent is recognised for its particular architectural components: cloister with columned porch, a first floor with cells on three sides, and a meeting hall at the margin of the cloister. The second floor contains larger open spaces and a rare example of a 15th century walkway perhaps designed by Scamozzi. The convent was closed by Napoleon in 1810 and has since been used for various purposes: a military barracks during the 19th century, a military precinct after the WWI and a storage house for Count Volpi during the Fascist period. In 1952 it housed flood victims from the lower Po Valley. In 1958 the State Property Office, the ex convent’s owner at the time, made the building complex available to the IUAV and initiated certain works which were led by civil engineers. The restoration work on the complex’s interior took place between 1960 and 1965 under the direction of architects Daniele Calabi and Guido Bacci.


In 1985 the entrance way, acquired by gratuitous transfer in 1979, was transformed according to the project by Carlo Scarpa. The supervision of the work was led by architect Sergio Los and the structural calculation by engineer Carlo Maschietto.



directions to Tolentini


> from the Venice airport “Marco Polo”

to Piazzale Roma (car park and bus terminal in Venice), located 5 minutes from the University, take the ACTV bus num. 5, or the ATVO bus for Venice. Bus tickets are sold at the various tobacconist (“tabaccaio”) shops inside the airport.


> from Piazzale Roma

the university Tolentini premises are only 5 minutes away on foot. Cross the Prefetto Bridge (the one with stone parapets), go straight on (along side the Papadopoli Gardens) until you arrive at another smaller bridge. Cross it and turn left. The first small square you come to is called Campo dei Tolentini. The Iuav entryway, made of grey slabs of stone, is on your right and faces the square.


> from the train station “Venezia Santa Lucia”

the university is 10 minutes on foot. Go out of the train station and cross the large stone bridge to your left (Ponte degli Scalzi). Once over the bridge, take an immediate right along the Grand Canal (Fondamenta San Simeon Piccolo) and follow it until you reach the first small bridge. Turn left just before this bridge. The Iuav is located at the end of this “fondamenta” (canal bank) in the small Campo dei Tolentini.