Palazzo Badoer


San Polo 2468

30125 Venezia

front desk tel +39 041 257 1410-1424


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seat of

the School of Doctorate Studies and Tafuri hall



Palazzo Badoer is historically tied to the “house of the priorate of San Giovanni Evangelista” which belonged to the Badoer family. A document from 1350 granted the Badoer family the exclusive right to bury the brothers of the School of S. Giovanni Evangelista. There still exists a cemetery under the large hall of the palace and its presence had specific historical implications on the building’s design plan, which takes the form of a “Z” and is different from the usual Venetian palace.


Subsequent interventions to the building took place in 1712, and were then followed by interventions to the interior of the building. In 1974 the IUAV purchased the palace from the Institute of Santa Caterina, sisters of Nevers.  In 1978 restoration and maintenance work was begun for the conversion of the palace into the seat of the DSA. From 1993 the palace has housed the degree programmes in history and conservation of cultural and environmental heritage.