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the Iuav studi&progetti – ISP srl



The Masieri Foundation is symbolic, in many ways, of the difficulties faced over the course of the city’s history in trying to launch cultural.  Angelo Masieri, a promising architect from Udine, died tragically in 1952 while working in the United States with Frank Lloyd Wright. Hence, Wright’s project at the time of designing a house in Volta del Canal for Masieri and his new wife was transformed – by the request of the Masieri family – into the “Masieri Memorial”, a foundation/lodge for scholars and students of architecture. Lacking the necessary permits, the project was never realized. In 1968, the Venetian architect Carlo Scarpa resumed the project which, notwithstanding opposition and difficulties, was approved only in 1973. It consisted of revolutionizing the interior of the Masieri Memorial building but leaving its façade on the Grand Canal unaltered (as conditioned by law). The façade was actually separated from the floors by means of large cuts, and the height of the floors was restrained so as to allow for an additional floor to be added on. When Scarpa died in 1979, the work was only partially underway. The project was completed under the direction of several collaborators including Architect Franca Semi and Engineer Maschietto.


In the meantime, due to the Foundation having limited means, the location of the building was substantially modified and many parts of Scarpa’s original plan were not realized. The inauguration of Ca’ Masieri took place in 1983. For many years it was the seat of the IUAV Projects Archive and of various architectural exhibitions. Since August 2000 it has been the seat of the IUAV servizi&progetti  - ISP s.r.l., renamed in 2003 as IUAV studi&progetti – ISP s.r.l.