Ca’ Tron


Santa Croce 1957

30135 Venezia

front desk tel +39 041.257.2300-2303


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seat of

Faculty of Regional Planning



Ca’ Tron is a historical building facing the Grand Canal and boasting a small Italian garden. The building, whose origins date to the gothic period, was built at the end of the 15th century and greatly flourished under the procurator Andrea Tron, a highly esteemed diplomat and ambassador, as well as a candidate for doge and after whom two of the building’s added wings are named.


From the 1800s, after the decline of the Tron family, the palace was used for various purposes (local educational superintendency, institute for judicial auctions, an apartment complex). In 1972 it was purchased by the IUAV and restored under the guidance of architect L Bellemo. The work done to the building included static reinforcement, interior spatial rearrangement, and the restoration and renovation of usable space (eg. the ground floor). Two large halls on the ground and first floors offer ample space in which students can freely study, draw, and converse, as well as two newly added computer rooms.