Undergraduate and graduate programmes offered by the University iuav of Venice:

Me.La Multimedia Lab


The MeLa Multimedia Lab deals with research, testing and development concerning with multisensory interaction and new interfaces applied to architecture and design, cultural products and visual and performative arts.


The administrative and territorial managements and the preservation of cultural heritage institutions, the research agencies (governement, EU) and the industrial enterprises are the possible interlocutors to this lab. This research is addressed to most recent media (internet, satellite channels), as well as to tradition communication channels (press and television).

Specific skills and action sphere:

> interactive 3D models, digital animations, videos, multimedia and editorial works, web sites, multimedia and interactive exhibitions

> digital media processing and treatement.

> shows coordination, staging and management, particularly for the University multimedia Hall.

> research, sperimentation and developement of new ways of rappresentation, communication and interaction.

> research on the field of multisensory interaction and of new interfaces applied to communication of architecture and design, of cultural products and of visual and performative arts.

> design of cognitive, perceptive and emotional experience: design methods oriented to sperimental tests.

> organization of seminars, training courses and masters, addressed to new professions, to post-degree formation and to refresher courses of public institutions.


The aims of the researches are the study and testing of systems and methods for the production and representation of artifacts through visual arts, theatre and architecture, to local sphere.