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In order to make the most of your time in Venice, it is important to feel secure and comfortable in your accommodation.

International students are often concerned about where they will live.

Don’t panic. There is a variety of accommodations available.


The restoration of the "Ai Crociferi" university residence, facing on Campo dei Gesuiti in the Venetian district of Cannaregio, has made it possible to build 255 accommodation units equipped with high efficiency and high quality technology solutions.

These units are mainly for students in possession of the requirements set by the Regional Council for the implementation of the right to education.

The residence is run by the Crociferi Scarl company, and follows the Esu ranking for reserved seats.

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A company called ESU, Iuav’s official residential accommodation partner and preferred provider, manages student residences.

It provides places for students, and offers a range of accommodation facilities.

> www.esuvenezia.it

> Claudia Grespi claudia.grespi@esuvenezia.it



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