Undergraduate and graduate programmes offered by the University iuav of Venice:

Foreign student applications


> EU students


EU applicants are: EU residents, non-EU citizens holding residency in Italy, Italians holding degrees abroad, political refugees, applicants holding dual citizenship, citizens of Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Republic of San Marino, and Holy See.

EU applicants are subject to the same procedures and deadlines as Italian citizens.

In these cases, applications are accepted online.


> non-EU students


Non-EU students resident abroad (together with the online registration procedures via internet, through the Student Web Service) must pre-register through the relevant Italian representative office.

Student holding diplomas issued by foreign institutions and schools must provide a translation, legalisation, and conversion in percentage marks of their final academic score through Italian diplomatic offices abroad, which should also issue them a validity declaration of their diploma/degree certificate.


Non-EU foreign students who intend to enrol in a three-year graduate programme will have to take the Italian language test at Universitą Iuav di Venezia before the admission test.


Candidates who pass the selection tests that are set out in the individual Competition Notices then fall into a ranking list. From here, they can officially register in the university.


Non-EU applicants residing abroad must present a copy of their residence permit (or receipt of the application for a residence permit), and the original documentation issued by the same Italian representative office they pre-enrolled in:

original diploma/degree title

attached translation, legalisation, and validity declaration of their diploma/degree certificate

pre-registration application form (Modello A)

photo and certified photo authentication


Students of the Marco Polo programme must also submit a language certification.


Registration may also be carried out by another person, delegated by the candidate, who will have to present himself at the registration office with all the required documentation, along with:

his/her own personal ID

a proxy authorisation signed by the registering candidate

a copy of the candidate’s ID


Non-EU citizens must comply with the rules for the stay of foreigners in Italy.






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