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Entry visa and residence permit


Official representation allows the entry visa for the purpose of STUDY ("University enrolment”) for candidates who have been accepted for testing (even with reserve), in order to allow them to take the university admission tests.

This must be a type D (national) visa with multiple entries and with a validity of over 90 days.


If the admission tests are held before applicants obtain their secondary (high) school diploma, or in times that do not allow completing the pre-enrolment procedure, the candidate must apply for a short-term entry visa (Schengen Uniform Visa for stays of less than 90 days).

Afterwards, official representation will make sure to issue the entry visa for study purpose (to candidates returning to their country after having passed the admission test) well before the beginning of courses.


The issuing of the entry visa for study purpose can only be granted for enrolment to undergraduate degree programmes (Bachelor) and graduate degree programmes (Master), and cannot be issued to students enrolling in academic years following the year of enrolment (freshman year).


Within eight days of their arrival in Italy, with a type D entry visa study purpose, candidates must submit their application for a residence permit for study to the competent Questura (Police Headquarters) of the city they intend to establish their residency in.

The application can be presented at all Italian post offices, through the dedicated kit available at the same offices.

When the candidate presents his file at the post office counter, he will receive a convocation that gives him the date and time he must present himself at the Questura (Police Headquarters), provided with photographs, in order to submit his fingerprint ID.

The post office issues a receipt for the application for a residence permit, which also qualifies as receipt for the submission of the application to the Questura (Police Headquarters). Among other things, this receipt certifies the regular presence in Italy of the applicant.



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