fashion design  and multimedia arts

Three-year Undergraduate programme

Three-year Undergraduate programme


Maria Luisa Frisa


Class Degree

L-4 Disegno industriale



Department of Architecture and Arts


Class venue

Dorsoduro 1827, Magazzino 6 e Magazzino 7

Dorsoduro 2206, Terese


Student office

Santa Croce 601, Campo della Lana







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Undergraduate degrees in Fashion Design and Multimedia Arts provide a solid preparation in the design of visual arts, fashion, and multimedia.

The articulation of the training plans allow for the development of a specialised visual learning, with the acquisition of technical skills, basic tools, and expressive languages in the field of fashion design and multimedia.


The programmes put together experimental exercises with analytical design methodologies, along with a particular focus on material culture. They focus on creative processes and products, constituting a close dialogue between artistic research and design practice. The programmes further develop the concept of technological innovation, extending it to the issue of body, identity, and memory in contemporary design and visual culture. Finally, the programmes relate to production systems, as well as to those of art and fashion consumption (with particular focus on the Made in Italy business).