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Guarantee Committee for Equal Opportunities, Employee Well-being and Non-Discrimination at Work (CUG)


The acronym CUG stands for Comitato Unico di Garanzia (Guarantee Committee for Equal Opportunities, Employee Well-being and Non-Discrimination at Work).


The CUG structure is based on a participatory principle so that all categories that are actively engaged in university life (teaching staff, non-teaching staff and students) are equally represented.


CUG members are appointed by decree of the Director-General.

Permanent members

Monica Centanni, representative of central administration and president

Laura Casagrande, representative of central administration

Monica Martignon, representative of FLC CGIL Venezia

Graziella Lentini, representative of CISL Venezia

Veronica Doną e Aljosa Markovic Doną, student representatives.


Substitute members:

Alessandra Vaccari and Maela Bortoluzzi, representatives of central administration

Alberto Lunardi, representative of FLC CGIL Venezia

Stefano Smocovich, representative of CISL Venezia

Eleonora Treppiedi e Efren Trevisan, student representatives



CUG meeting schedule for the year 2017:


January 23rd

February 27th

March 27th

May 8th

June 5th

July 3rd



CUG is a university body that develops and carries out measures aimed at ensuring and promoting equal opportunities, enhancement of diversity and social well-being by fostering an inclusive culture of openness and transparency throughout all the people involved in educational and cultural activities within the university.


CUG also provides support to victims of discrimination, violence and bullying by guaranteeing equity.


CUG promotes the dissemination and respect of rules and regulations, especially ethical and professional codes of conduct that ensure the efficiency of the university administrative, educational and research organisation.


According to its main guidelines and goals, CUG aims at:

> promoting actions that foster transparency and ethical conduct within all university bodies and structures by supporting the spread and circulation of good practice rather than imposing proclaims and prohibitions;


> supporting an idea of well-being that does not just include the practical side of work but especially psychological well-being and cultural awareness of all members of the university community;


> making sure that CUG is the point of reference in any situation of harm or discomfort;


> giving a prompt response to all reports, and in the case CUG is not the directly interested institutional body, it will ensure that all requests are promptly responded to.



contacts and information

email cug@iuav.it


servizio di staff del direttore e degli affari istituzionali

tel. +39 041 2571751

email da-ai@iuav.it