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Villard: 19 Reconstructing the coastal landscape

Announcement selection for participation in the design seminar


Deadline Monday, October 30, 2017 at 13:00



Seminar’s meetings



9 > 11 november 2017


14 > 16 dicember 2017




january > Ancona e Ascoli Piceno  march > Parigi

may > Venezia  june > Alcamo


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about Villard


From 1999, Villard is an architectural traveling seminar happening each year that sees, in collaboration with other cultural institutions, selected Italians and foreign schools of architecture: universities of Alghero, Ascoli Piceno, Genoa, Milan, Naples, Palermo, Paris Malaquais, Patras, Pescara, Reggio Calabria, Rome, Venice and Ancona.

By a selection for excellence, 10 students of each university will be admitted. The aim of the seminar is to design in a specific area proposed by public administrations. For this reason the seminar is strictly related to the complexity of each specific territory. The design area will be presented at the beginning of the seminar. Participants can work on the design area during the year, developing their projects step by step through the seminar meeting. Travel is the most important activity of the seminar, a tool to understand cities.

Professors of each university will organise for the seminar several activities related to the workshop, such as, lectures, conferences, guided tours and exhibitions. Every seminar meeting will last 3-4 days. Students should develop their project mainly during the workshop hours hosted in each university. The different location of the seminar will allow the students to get involved with several cultural and physical realities, sharing experiences and knowledge coming from all the participating schools. The seminar ends with a final event: an exhibition of the students works and an awards ceremony, followed by a publication of a catalogue with students works alongside critical texts by participants.


requirements for participation


The selection for the seminar Villard: 19 is open to all students enrolled in graduate programmes Architettura e culture del progetto, Architettura per il nuovo e per l’antico and Architettura e innovazione, as well as to students enrolled in the final year of the undergraduate programmes Tecniche e culture del progetto and Architettura Costruzione Conservazione. The available places are 10.


how to apply


In order to participate to the Villard, students have to pass a selection process at the university where they are enrolled. Any student interested in participating must send his portfolio by Monday, October 23, 2017 at 13:00 in a single pdf file with A3 horizontal format, the portfolio must contain:

1. introduction stating: name, family name, serial number, email address, phone number, indication of the degree program in which you are currently enrolled, year of enrolment and for master degree students the degree obtained in the bachelor degree.

2. a design collection up to 10 pages; the names of the workshops or courses taken must be clearly stated particularly regarding design courses, as well as teacher's name and in the case of group work the names of colleagues.

3.  CV (as in the web Spin) with the addition of an indication of the teachers and grades.

4.  a brief motivational letter (max 1000 types) in which the reasons for participation must be explained.

*the pdf must be sent to: daniela.ruggeri@iuav.it


the adjudication commission and final admission results


The adjudication commission is composed as follows: Fernanda De Maio, Carlo Palazzolo, Andrea Iorio, Daniela Ruggeri. The results of the selection process will be published no later than Tuesday, October 24, 2017 on Iuav web site, at Villard page, or by professor Fernanda De Maio office (ex Cotonificio building, Santa Marta, first floor). Selected students are kindly request to participate on first meeting at Iuav University on Wednesday,  October 25, 2017.


first Villard: 19 travel



The first stage of the workshop will take place in Alcamo (Sicily) from 09 to 11 November 2017.


European credit transfer system


To students of architecture enrolled in undergraduate programmes and those enrolled in graduate programmes, the participation in the seminar will give the following academic credits: 4 D +  F type variables, according to their course of study. For more detailed information, please refer only to Iuav University regulation of Manifesto degli studi.


this year's theme


Alcamo Marina: Reconstructing the coastal landscape is the Villard:19’s theme, which aims to open a discussion on reconstruction meant not only as rebuilding or redeveloping a territory damaged by calamities such as earthquakes or wars, but also as recovering fragile territories with problems sometimes due to rapid processes of anthropization.

The city of Alcamo, whose heritage had been at risk during  the 1968 earthquake, is part of the 13 municipalities gathered in the Belìce Valley Association in order to challenge the theme of post-earthquake reconstruction and the damages caused later by the reconstruction works. While the coastline of Alcamo has undergone a series of interventions that have changed the condition of the sandy coast about 12 km long: before with the rail-way construction which formed a barrier to the see access (1937), then with the property speculation (begun in the late 1950s and early 1960s), which saturated the area of private housing, with considerable environmental damage.

Villard: 19 intends to propose design ideas that take into account the relationship between the coastal city and the natural structure of Alcamo’s territory, the possible recovery and reuse of abandoned areas, the rethinking of infrastructures, the articulation of routes and accesses to the beach, the relations with agricultural land and canyon staying behind the linear neighbourhood on the coast; at the same time, during the workshop sessions there will be in-depth researches or lectures on reconstruction theme, with his meaning used in the past and those of today, with particular attention to the themes of seismic, hydro-geological and environmental risk.




Villard Scientific board

Carmen Andriani, Aldo Aymonino, Francesco Cellini, Pippo Ciorra, Alberto Ferlenga, Luca Merlini, Gianfranco Neri, Georgios Panetsos, Sergio Polano, Mosè Ricci, Roberto Serino, Andrea Sciascia, Ilaria Valente


Villard Scientific Coordinator

Marco D’Annuntiis


Villard: 19 Coordinator

Fernanda De Maio


Villard: 19 Coordinating Committee

Paolo Bonvini, Marcello Maltese, Lilia Pagano, Maria Salerno


Villard: 19 Organising Committee

Andrea Iorio and Daniela Ruggeri with Pietro Artale and Nicola Provenzano


Villard International

Massimo Faiferri, Gianluigi Mondaini, Maria Salerno


Editorial Coordinator

Lilia Pagano


Professors in charge for each university

Uni. Sassari_Alghero, Massimo Faiferri

Uni. Sassari-Alghero | Massimo Faiferri

Poli. Marche-Ancona | Gianluigi Mondaini

Uni. Camerino-Ascoli Piceno | Marco D’Annuntiis

Uni. Genova | Vittorio Pizzigoni

Poli. Milano | Andrea Gritti

Uni. Napoli “Federico II” | Lilia Pagano

Uni. Palermo | Adriana Sarro

Uni. Paris Malaquais | Maria Salerno

Uni. Patras | Georgios Panetsos

Uni. Chieti-Pescara | Domenico Potenza

Uni. Mediterranea, Reggio Calabria | Rita Simone

Uni. Roma Tre | Lorenzo Dall’Olio

Ordine Architetti PPC di Trapani | Marcello Maltese

Uni. Iuav, Venezia | Fernanda De Maio


Other Professors

Massimo Angrilli, Samanta Bartocci, Federico Bilò, Paolo Bonvini, Fabio Cappello, Massimo Crotti, Angela Currò, Annalisa De Curtis, Maria Lucia Di Costanzo, Dania Di Pietro, Matteo Di Venosa, Orfina Fatigato, Paola Galante, Andrea Iorio, Nicolas Gilsoul, Pasquale Mei, Guido Morpurgo, Carlo Palazzolo, Laura Parrivecchio, Luigi Pintacuda, Adelina Picone, Fabrizio Pusceddu, Laura Pujia, Daniela Ruggeri, Davide Servente, Mariano Tellechea, Giuseppe Todaro