Undergraduate and graduate programmes offered by the University iuav of Venice:

Cattedra Jean Monnet / Jean Monnet Chair

The urban and territorial dimension of European Union policies



Sogno Costantino

Teaching, training

and research activities

2016 > 2019



Francesca Gelli


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immagine: Franco Gelli, “Il sogno di Costantino”



why Jean Monnet Chair at Iuav?


Jean Monnet Chair at the Universitą Iuav di Venezia is a precious chance for students and researchers to gain general knowledge about how European Union policies work and to develop an analytical and practical understanding of the functioning of European Union policy programmes.


In line with the long-established tradition of urban studies at Universitą Iuav di Venezia, the Jean Monnet Chair promotes EU studies with a specific focus on the urban and territorial dimension of EU policies.

A line of inquiry is what cities have done and do with EU funds and the influence of EU policy programmes on local territorial agendas. Another core matter of investigation is how cities may have a more effective influence on EU policy conception and development, in order to address integrated and place-based approaches to policy-making at the town-city-metropolitan level.


Debating activities involve policy makers (top-level bureaucrats, managers and elected officials, professionals, civil society representatives etc.) who deal with the design and implementation of EU policies and have experience of regulatory, administrative and political conditions for the implementation of EU programmes and co-founded projects.


Due to the Erasmus Venice Programme, which is an exchange programme between the Universitą Iuav di Venezia and Universitą Cą Foscari Venezia, the whole Chair’s training and research activities are open to students belonging to both Universities. Seminars are also open to the administrative university staff engaged in international mobility exchange programmes, EU research and innovation areas.



what’s at stake: the offer


Jean Monnet Chair consists of teaching, training and research activities. The programme lasts three years (2016-2019).

Teaching activities are open to bachelor, graduate, post-graduate students, doctoral and post-doctoral students, young researchers, Erasmus and international students, administrative university staff.

The Chair annually offers 3 training courses within official curricula:


> 2 new ones for postgraduate and PhD students, young professionals with 30 hours of introductory seminars and 40 hours of a project work on Euro-design, on topics which are in increasing demand on the labour market)


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> 1 course for undergraduate and graduate students, as a renewal of an on-going activity, through 40 hours of lectures on EU policies


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> research activities: “European and National Urban Agendas in perspective”


> events [ongoing programme]



the network


The Jean Monnet Chair aims to strengthen connections among the Universitą Iuav di Venezia academic community and international and national networks – Eura (European Urban Research Association), Urban@it (Italian National Centre for the Study of Urban Policy), ALDA (European Association for Local Democracy), all committed to enhance urban policy studies, EU policies governance, local democracy and to foster the dialogue and exchange among the academic world and policy makers, together with civil society organizations. To reach this goal, at least two conferences and three roundtables will be jointly organized.


The Chair will edit a book in English language and will support the Urban@it research group on EU and national urban agendas; moreover, the major contents produced during the course will be ongoing spread and shared through digital media as videos, blogs, social media pages.



work plan timeline


first year, first semester


> courses taught:

Understanding European Union public policies

(30 hours aimed at PhD, postgraduate students)


EU public policies: the urban and territorial dimension

(40 hours aimed at undergraduate, graduate and Erasmus students)


> events:

“Good practices in EU Research and Innovation” – roundtable

“ALDA Conference: Europe for citizens. European actions on good governance and citizen participation” – live streaming video conference



first year, second semester


> courses taught:

EU public policies: learning to apply

(40 hours aimed at PhD and postgraduate students)


> events:

“Euro-design in practice” - Workshop



second year, first semester


> “Understanding European Union public policies: seminars and projectwork 

1st acad. Semester, 70 hours – 6 cfu (November 2017 - February 2018)

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> Understanding EU Policies

(January 2018)

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