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Iuav & CAUP Tongji winter week


Winter Week of cooperation


Feb. 3rd > 10th 2017

Ca’ Tron, room A5



During the first two weeks of February 2017, the Iuav and CAUP (College of Architecture and Urban Planning) Tongji  First  Winter Week of Cooperation was held in Ca’ Tron.


Several activities involved a large number of Iuav and Tongji students and professors.

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Art Workshop

For the first time, CAUP Tongji students experienced and perceived the beautiful city of Venice through painting and drawing. The theme of the Art workshop was ‘Water-Rhyme- Venice’. The flowing water in Venice is not only a physical matter but also representing the state of time and history. ‘Rhyme’ indicates the aura and rhythm inherent in the urban space, streets and the water system. The Art workshop included lectures, given by Italian and Chinese professors and the final presentations of the Art works.


The Joint IUAV CAUP Workshop Closing

The workshop “Regeneration of Traditional Vernacular Settlements and Housing Block Design” had its closing presentation. It took place in Gansu Province, Lin Xia, China in September 2016, involving students and professors of both institutions.

This workshop aimed at the Regeneration Design in a Traditional Vernacular Neighborhood, and the participants developed an interdisciplinary research and a comprehensive design works for housing, neighborhood and local economy improvements, while preserving the Historic Values of the site and of the community.

The site was Linxia Bafang Muslim Residential Neighborhood in Gansu Province, China, one of the main areas of the Muslims in China, dated back to 13th century.


Exhibition ‘Walkable cities in China’

During these two weeks also the Opening of the Exhibition “Walkable cities in China: livable, healthy, sustainable” took place, showing the composite and excellent results of the works of 3 IUAV Master Thesis, developed by Iuav  students , supervised by both Iuav and Caup Tongji professors. The researches concern with urban regeneration in an existing fabric and focused on the notion of urban porosity.


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Here some pictures of what we did together!





Next activities:


May 2017. The visit of the Rector Prof Alberto Ferlenga to CAUP Tongji to participate in the celebrations of the 110 anniversary of the founding of Tongji University.


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 May 2017. The signing of a MOU that sets up a Iuav -CAUP Tongji Joint Research Laboratory ‘URBES’ (Urban & Rural Built Environment Sustainability).

The Lab will launch parallel and joint research activities focusing on issues of Cities and contemporary urbanization challenges, applicable to cities and rural areas, including local development, redevelopment and conservation.


June 2017. The participation of Iuav in the Tongji International Construction Festival. This activity will involve Iuav Freshmen Architecture students   accompanied by a Iuav Professor; Caup is offering the group a stay for 5 days. Participating Schools of Architecture from around the world.



September 2017. Development of a joint workshop Iuav CAUP Tongji in La Habana, Cuba. The title of the workshop is: ‘Guanabacoa, La Habana: Regeneration of Historical Urban Area by Diffused Tourism and Housing Improvement’. This workshop wants to cope with the study of interrelations between the heritage, tourism, and architectural and urban planning and design at different scales (city, urban spaces, buildings).


October 2107. Development of a joint workshop Iuav CAUP Tongji in Shanghai.   The title of the workshop is: ‘Urbanization and Health: Healthier Neighborhood Design & Planning’.





prof. Margherita Turvani