Undergraduate and graduate programmes offered by the University iuav of Venice:







The network acts trough:

> shared researches about the heritage tourism in relation to the character of the places, the different ways of use, the issues of different forms of mobility

> intensive teaching experiences in which the architectural project is intended as a research tool (research by design) on the general theme of the heritage tourism and on specific case studies, places marked by a series of critical issues or unexpressed potential closely related to the tourism phenomenon

> involvement in research and projects originating from: local communities, local authorities and conservation institutions of the historical, architectural and landscape heritage

> organization of international conferences and seminars about the heritage tourism


In relation to the research:

> every year the network member schools identify a subject of research within the general theme of the relationship between heritage tourism, specificity of places and architectural design

> the general theme is developed by the research groups within each school, in ways and approaches independently chosen in relation to theoretical aspects and territories and their dynamics

> the network takes advantage of the scientific and organizing contribution of other research networks, such as CLAND – Cultural Landscapes and Laboratoire AMUP – Architecture Morphologie/MorphogenŔse Urbaine et Project

> the final aims consist in establishing a comparative framework within a shared cultural context and in developing preliminary materials that are useful to apply to European research programs

ş> scientific distribution of studies and teaching experiences with the aim at sharing the results with: schools of architecture out of the network, different professionals, representatives of public affairs and cultural associations interested in the topic


In relation to educational activities:

> every year one of the network member schools promotes a workshop on topics related to the territorial realities faced by the individual university

> one or more professors of the school promoting the workshop take care of the event with the project coordinator role

> the workshop consists in a study trip of 5 days and in a 9-day workshop, for a total of 4 ECTS. The study tour aims at visiting sample architectural projects related to the topic of the heritage tourism

> the participation in the educational activities is quite flexible and each school participates from time to time with a variable number of teachers, students and tutors; the ideal would be that each school could participate in the annual workshop even with a small number of teachers/tutors and students