Undergraduate and graduate programmes offered by the University iuav of Venice:

Double skin fašades for the refurbishment of dismissed industrial fašades

and for the enhance of Porto Marghera



elective course (type D)

cfu (ects): 4


I semester 2015-2016

October > January

Friday h. 9 am > 1 pm

Cotonificio, aula gradoni


23 > 25 October 2015

study-trip at Expo Milano 2015

and surroundings in October

(2 more cfu ects/D)


open to all master students

(corsi di laurea magistrale),

Erasmus and visiting students


final exhibition at Iuav Venezia

and Etsab Barcelona




> Video Projection Mapping

conferenza di Luca Agnani


20 novembre 2015

Cotonificio, aula gradoni

ore 9.30


per saperne di pi¨ >>



> Interactive Facade

seminario di Camillo Trevisan


6 novembre 2015

Cotonificio, aula gradoni

ore 9.30


per saperne di pi¨ >>



Instructor: Cristina PARDAL, Esther GIANI


Title: Double skin fašades for dismissed industrial fašades’ refurbishment and for Porto Marghera’s enhancement.


Semester: First semester (fall semester)


Training objectives

At the end of the studio students will be more aware of:


- Strategies for the energetic refurbishment of industrial buildings in the Mediterranean climate

- Double skin fašades systems: construction and performances

- Media facades strategies

- The concept that ephemeral and art are an elective activator of regeneration process within dismissed area.


- Capacity to be analytical and critical of pre-existences and references

- Ability to propose, develop and defend their own work

- Capacity to understand, be critical and apply different technological systems.



Course programme

In Porto Marghera’s vast extension, there still are spot areas with ongoing industrial activities (and also expanding), alternated with areas where lie abandoned and unused wrecks. Large buildings, containers, silos, warehouses; architectures distinguished by large size and for the presence of extended continuous surfaces.


The treatment of large cases, of rhythmical skeletons, of dismissed architectures is a theme that engages and concerns both research and didactic. How to intervene not only for a functional reintegration (1) but also for a first rehabilitation, even temporarily, so to allow the regeneration of urban parts and of redefined outdoor spaces, by mean of beautification (2).


The aim of this Course, that sees a visiting professor and a Iuav researcher together, is to figure out potential temporary uses, namely ephemeral possibilities (scenarios) but with pragmatic consequences.


The study-area is that of ex Agrimont (45.46777, 12.25394), very close to Venice, facing the back of Vega complex, where two arched concrete skeletons define a corner, a series of different size cylindrical silos (in width and height) pins the opposite corner, which main sides are traced by a canal and a street.



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