Venice and Tourism

final conference of the Intensive Programme conducted 
under the project "Biennale Sessions


August 5th Tuesday, h. 3 pm

Giardini della Biennale

Central Pavilion, sala F




Abstract. Tourism super-imposes its own rules on the apparently stable form of the cities of art. Its hierarchies change the consolidated urban equilibrium, create congestion and difficulty of access to the monumental areas, altering the nature and use of public spaces.

In view of these general issues, the seminar "Venice and Tourism" takes Venice as a specific object of investigation, examining the sites most marked by the presence of visitors and reflecting on possible design solutions in order to imagine circumstances in which the economic resource of tourism can take many forms appropriate to the city’s equilibrium.


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Valeria Minghetti

Tourism in Venice - Evolution, Dynamics and Open Questions

July 22th Tuesday, h 6 p.m.


Abstract. Starting From An Analysis Of The Consistency And Evolution Of The Tourism phenomenon in the city centre, both from the demand and the supply side (visitor flows and accommodation services), the presentation will discuss: the characteristics of visitors and of the “tourist regionthey originate from; the ratio tourists/residents and the effects that mass tourism has on the city development (costs/benefits balance); the sustainability/competitiveness of Venice in comparison to other urban tourism destinations.


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Vincenzo de Nitto

Venice strategy for the West Side of the Historical Centre in the Framework of the New Urban Plan

July 23th Wednesday, h 9.30 a.m.


Abstract. Starting from the principles of the New Urban Plan (PAT – Piano di Assetto del Territorio), under approval in these weeks, the presentation will outline the strategies of the Municipality of Venice for a new accessibility from the mainland to the ancient city (mainly aimed to the redistribution of tourism flows) and the restoration as well as development of port, railway and former industrial areas on the west side of the city (bridgehead). The presentation will focus on the recent Program Agreement concerning the extension of the tramway to San Basilio port area and on the connection of Santa Lucia railway station to Cannaregio neighborhood and University settlement of San Giobbe.


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Isabella Scaramuzzi

Venice: the Place where Everything is Tourism and Tourism is Everything

July 25th Friday, h. 6 p.m.


Abstract. I has been observing tourism in Venice metropolitan area during 37 years. I studied the venetian tourism story, since the XVIII Century. I can testify that visitors and guests are deeply rooted in Venice urban soul and that the future of this unique paramount city is deeply rooted with tourism.

Tourism as an urban function in Venice can be analysed through numbers and can be understood with theories and using comparative tools.

The look I will propose in my lecture, following the complete overview supplied by Giovanni Santoro, is based on the city projects that can manage and design the future hospitality system of the metropolitan Venice area. The main link among them is water, or better to say, the Lagoon without which Venice will be not Venice. I will use only few cases among a set (following the Municipality list in Comune di Venezia Trasformazioni Urbane site). My thesis is that to manage tourism we have to project the metropolis.


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