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Fisherman’s friends

San Giacomo in Paludo students group 4

Grégoire Arthuis, Moreno Lotto, Montserrat Tous Romero, Pamela Vasconsellos



Sustainable development

Effectiveness of the project strategy with respect to a desirable socio cultural and economic development of the lagoon.

Reinforce a legendary activity in the center of the lagoon, professional fishing, by providing a proper workplace to the fisherman. The idea is to encourage the cooperative between fishermen, to guarantee an optimal progress and persistence of this activity. We propose a park-path-restaurant to provide to the venetians/visitors an opportunity to see this activity and also taste some delicious typical Venetians fishes: motto «From the sea to the plate».


Environmental Approach

Appropriateness of design choices with regard to the delicacy of the lagoon.

The project limits its presence on the island by giving the maximum value to the existing main gunpowder storage ruins and embankments: the idea of boxes and passerella, keeping the forest, creating functional spaces, guarantee the connections in between and conserving the idea of the fortified island.


Cultural Dimension

Project's capacity to become a tool of interpretation of the landscape of the lagoon and of the specificity of the assigned island (Mazzorbetto or S. Giacomo in Paludo).

Due to the permanent life brought by the fishing cooperative, this island doesn’t need to be another touristic point in order to survive. Here real artisanal work meets the local people and the visitors that would like to enjoy a good meal after seeing all the process between the fish in the lagoon and the bench of the restaurant.


Identification of potentiality

Project's ability to identify potentialities for innovative use of fortified       places of the lagoon

Our project has the capacity to evolve and become a very important point on the development of this main economic activity, is an example of transforming a fortified place in the lagoon in a real feasible program; not only a strategic point on the “Pescaturismo and Ittiturismo” in Venice.