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The inhabitated wall

San Giacomo in Paludo students group 5

Antonio Cubero Hernßndez, Emmanuel Costant, Claudia Puglierin, Robin Stordeur



The Chinese tourist comes back from Venice with a carnival mask that was imported from China and Google tells us that the city is in Las Vegas. Our project aims at creating a new form of tourism, where the tourist becomes the actor of his journey. To achieve this, we designed a project that emphasize the enclosure of the island, turning the old brick wall that surrounds it into an inhabited wall wrapped around San Giacomo in Paludo. This wall thus become a promenade at the end of which tourists are offered to stay on the island to learn how to build traditional venetian boats. The tourist becomes a voluntary prisoner of the island, where he has to follow specific rules to achieve the disconnection from his generic vision of the city. This isolated boat factory recall the ancient use of the island as a monastery, except it is now designed to ensure the salvation of tourists, a Venetian heterotopia.