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The lagoon observatory // San Giacomo in Paludo

San Giacomo in Paludo students group 3

Karol Czar Zasty, JosÚ Miguel Acosta, Leung Ho Ching Rose



Due to progressive decommission of military functions, most of the fortified places have became a privileged area of receptivity to biodiversity. We are interested in these rich, unorganized spaces and would like to introduce this hidden side to the public.

San Giacomo In Paludo will be our first laboratory. In order to maintain the environmental fragility of the island, we would like to develop as less as possible. It will be a place to study the natural environment of the lagoon and a shelter of wild life nature. Visitors can only access a small part of the island, and the rest will serve to the lagoon birds and archeology excavations. An “Altana” covering the existing buildings of the northwest edge will become a common terrace for the venetians. Following a wooden pathway connecting the embankments, visitors can admire the wild nature under their feet and full panorama of the whole lagoon. Exhibitions will be held in the renovated warehouse, the island will be a park designed by nature for relaxing and learning.