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Ruba col’ocio

Mazzorbetto Fort students group 5

Giovanni Bergamo, Mariam Chaouki, Juan Jose Navarro Velįzquez



We strongly believe that the art is a form of communication.


A special communication of feelings, thoughts and ideas, that the Artist make real.


Nowadays this commuincation is obstructed by the presence of marketing strategies. As everything in the world Art has a price and who can pay for it choose what is Art and what is not.


This process put a distance between the Artist and the Viewer, who cannot understand the message contained in an Art object.


The proposition of this project is to create a « cultural infrastructure » without affecting the original aspect of Mazzorbetto as a « lost Island », to provide opportunities for interaction between the Artist and the Viewer.


The reflection was focused on how to use the natural and historical potentials to create a contemporary complex which allows to « housing, working, exhibite and share».


The location of the three old bastions become points of interaction of « the knowledge path » created on the embankment, allowing visitors to get a view of the entire project, including the garden, and the bunker, to which was added a volume reacheable from the path.


The cultural activities will take place in these bastions and in the new volume, the spaces are designed to be multifunctional.


Mazzorbeto has a cutural vocation, enhancing its potential as natural landforms and vegetation give an extent to our project.