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Nova radiance

Mazzorbetto Fort students group 3

Arthur Bel, Juliana Gemma, Margherita Manzon



The permanence of a military structure on the location of the Mazzorbetto Forte which took different shapes during the last centuries lead us to consider this fortified place less as an architectural heritage than a strategic geographical condition. Our approach consequently focuses on a larger scale and the potential of the island to benefit its surrounding.

We propose to establish the island as a new interface in-between the urban condition of Burano and the agricultural and wild territory of the northern lagoon. Our proposition include a farmer market where products from the area can be sold, bought, cook and eat when enjoying a wild panorama, the (re)connection of the island and some aqua-farming in relation to the existing scout camp. Conceived as a progressive regeneration of the whole Mazzorbo, the project starts with the refurbishment of the edge of the island : a place of exchange in between water, land and city.