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6 soggiorni

Mazzorbetto Fort students group 2

Alejandro Barrail, Doriane Hugues, Lucena Paloma Garcia



The project «6 soggiorni» was plan as an exploded hotel on the Mazzorbetto to allowed each visitor to come and enjoy a specifique situation of the island.


The project is built above the present area, on different structures to have a footprint as small as possible, respecting and continuing the principle of stratification. Thus, we respond to the delicacy of this protected site, lived, historical, natural and fortified, almost untouchable, as throughout the Venetian lagoon and build with palafitte. The approach is almost archaeological. This principle provides for intervention in all situations on the island (on the water, in trees, above the building…), we chose a linear sample of the territory that reveals its richness and diversity. Our ambition is to create 6 different boxes "floating" which start from the same template and turn depending on their situation, they become tools that allow visitors to read the singular piece of territory in which it is. The types also vary depending on the situation and provide a mix tourist site:A villa for rent, dormitories, private rooms, a youth hostel, etc. These private areas enjoy the same collective space which is the soil of the island and already, in its current configuration, a large public area. The landscape issues are also part of the special delicacy of the site. The line on which place the 6 staggioni provides a overview of the project from the lagoon and arriving at the site, with different heights, the project suggests the topography of the island before the arrival . By placing the island of Mazzorbetto in the network of islands surrounding it, we chose to color his staggiorni in red, the color of one of the local architecture, to create a diverse landscape with dense vegetation of island, unify and 6 units remain in the tradition of architectural color in Venice.