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Experience of elements

Mazzorbetto Fort students group 1

Camille Landre, Giovanni Lenci, Javier Navarro de Pablos



Sustainable Development

Our proposal seeks to respect the lagoon, but also mix with it; It’s important to improve —and implement— the activities that takes place in Mazzorbetto, while we provide a functional program respecting the natural environment, relying on a model of sustainable camping that could work not only with scouts, also with any group of hikers looking to explore and discover the lagoon in an unconventional way.


Environmental Approach

We based our excavation project as a way to respect and dialogue with the lagoon. The contact with earth and the prospects of the lagoon that can be enjoyed from the embankments are the keynote speech. Also the moisture and sounds transformed the island in a sensitive filter to discover the lagoon: the person and the environment become in a single entity.


Cultural Dimension

In contrast to the massive embankments, we decided to design a versatile system of sticks that allow the interaction of the scouts —and venetians— with the island and the lagoon. Being removable sticks, interpretations and proposals for the landscape of the lagoon change with the artist or scout who play with them. In addition to serving as an artistic impulse, it is useful and functional to accommodate certain temporary shelters or covers. Sticks conquer the lagoon to express that the cultural dimension of the project not includes only Mazzorbetto.


Identification of potentiality

We are interested in the contrast between the massive fortifications and the versatility of the nature: following a military strategy, the projects gets to propose a new way to use and think the fortified places, based on existing geometry of the ancient fortifications, and trying to emphasize the cultural and architectural potential of the island —and its relationship with Torcello and Burano—.