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The Workshop exhibition is coming in Paris at ╔cole Nationale SupÚrieure d’Architecture Paris-Malaquais and so, in Sevilla at Escuela TÚcnica Superior de Arquitectura de la Universidad de Sevilla.

In the next mouths a Workshop publication will be edit, it will collect the results, the lectures and the projects of the Workshop.


In the last day of Workshop, on 27th April, a jury composed by Lamberto Amistadi, Renato Bocchi (foreman), Michele De Mattio, Alessandra Marin, Giuseppe Rallo and Claudia Visser evaluated the students projects with the following criteria:


Sustainable Development

Effectiveness of the project strategy with respect to a desirable socio-cultural and economic development of the lagoon.


Environmental Approach

Appropriateness of design choices with regard to the delicacy of the lagoon.


Cultural Dimension

Project's capacity to become a tool of interpretation of the landscape of the lagoon and of the specificity of the assigned island (Mazzorbetto or S. Giacomoin Paludo).


Identification of potential

Project's ability to identify potentialities for innovative use of fortified places of the lagoon.


Architectural quality

Architectural quality of the project in terms of space, composition and construction.



Below the project evaluations edit by the jury:


Mazzorbetto Fort group 1 - Experience of elements. (second prize ex aequo)

The kind of approach to the site and the existent architecture gives quality and sustainability to the project in aspect of environment and the landscape. In the same time the solution proposes a reuse and redesign of one of the most remarkable historic element in the island with the aim to recognize the embankment.


Mazzorbetto Fort group 2 -6 Soggiorni.

The project is in contradiction with the topological nature of the island: in the specific the position of the directional axis, crossing the plan of the island; but we found interesting the sequence of the elements as measure of the cross section of the island.


Mazzorbetto Fort group 3 - Nova Radiouse.

The project identifies remarkable potentialities for the innovative use of the particularly for the relationship with the lagoon and the lines of navigation, designing and interesting layout.


Mazzorbetto Fort group 4 - The fort of knowledge.

The proposal is interesting for the way in which the architecture gives importance to the character of the lagoon landscape.


Mazzorbetto Fort group 5 - Ruba con l'ocio.

The role of the existing architecture is correctly re-interpreted in a project, with some interesting architectural solution.


San Giacomo in Paludo group 1 – Silentiarium. (second prize ex aequo)

The project has almost two aspects of interest. It transforms the remains of the old building in ruins, augmenting the evocative character and imagining an innovative functional program, well interpreted in the thermal layout.


San Giacomo in Paludo group 2 - Au fil de l'eau. (special mention)

The project is particularly complete in designing the overall strategy of lagoon relation, analyzing the interconnection, limits and porosity, and defining the new functional wall, in a good balance between landscape strategy and architecture design.


San Giacomo in Paludo group 3 - The lagoon observatory. (first prize)

The project is particularly sensitive to the environmental and ecological approach, the biodiversity issues and besides it develop s a soft but innovative design, enriching the potential of the island with a good balance between landscape and architecture design. It interprets well the goals of the environmental association.


San Giacomo in Paludo group 4 - Fisherman's friend.

Innovative functional program, realistic for the relationship with the island of Burano. The uses of communication design tools is very appreciable.


San Giacomo in Paludo group 5 - The in-inhabited wall.

The proposal of rehabilitation, with the replacement of the wall perimeter offers surely interesting view and it is adapt to the regeneration.



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