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level I (prerequisite: Bachelor of Arts or Science)



Students Networking


Networking among Erasmus Mundus students will be facilitated by the fact of sharing the first, second, third term and the intensive workshop together.


The welcome week aims in getting together EM students to know each other and to collaborate in Master activities. Besides this at the beginning of each semester there will be a welcome day to improve communication and networking among students and academics. Students will be involved in team work in the various projects, so as to be trained in professional work modalities. To facilitate interaction between students of different cohorts, a special page of the Joint Master Course’s website will be devoted to the exchange of students from different years in form of “peer-to-peer”, as comments, feedbacks, and ‘frequently asked questions’ with respect to contents, internships placement, organizational issues, and all concerning the Master.


To ensure the socio-cultural integration of the EM students, two EM networking events will be organized by each partner, to network EM students with local students’ organizations. Students’ organization and International Offices will be involved as well as EM students in proposing and organizing those events. Moreover, a service of “student-to-student” tutoring will be put in place, with the aim of a personal connection to students from local Universities and of getting in contact with local lifestyle. In parallel, a weekly tutoring will be organized so to check students’ progress and to anticipate problems resolution. These activities will both assure a proper academic induction of third country students.


The Erasmus Mundus Alumni Association will play an important role in the Consortium: they are invited to the Academic Board meetings; they can attend Advisory board meeting and propose discussion topics; they will granted contact and support to the Consortium activities diffusion and promotion; they will be involved in the assessment of the Alumni career (by questionnaire surveys); they can be involved in workshops as tutoring; they can participate in the Newsletter redaction with a specific section; they can give advice in job placement.




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