Undergraduate and graduate programmes offered by the University iuav of Venice:

level I (prerequisite: Bachelor of Arts or Science)





The insurance scheme (IS) provides a private health insurance which covers all risks (maternity included).

The Administrative body of the Management board is in charge of the organization, arrangement and stipulation of the insurance coverage for each student. A specific voice of Financial plan is destined to insurance costs, estimated on consulted private companies’ offers.



For Non Eu-Citizens


Health insurance, for non-EU citizen, satisfies the “Minimum requirements for the health and accident insurance coverage of Erasmus Mundus Action 1 and Action 2 requirements” as :

- it covers expenses in case of emergency treatment and urgent hospitalization (recovery in casualty)

- it covers the entire duration the stay in EU

- it guarantees the policy-holder’s return to his/her own country in case of serious illness

- it is in English

- it is also valid in the Schengen Area.


In case of Internship in a non EU country, the Consortium will provide students with special health insurance coverage for the period of the stay.



For Eu-Citizens


For EU citizen, it is possible to ask for an extension to Partners' Countries health assistance through one of the following issues: either E 106 or E 109 Form (the latter in case of being in charge of parents). It has to be submitted in Health Local Board to give right to the same cares ones benefits with the enrolment to the Local National Health System, including being assigned a general doctor for free; or the European Health Insurance Card (so called "TEAM Card"), by which student is automatically covered in all EU-member countries for health cares considered as "necessary". The TEAM Card does not cover in any way the "planned health cares" (ex. non urgent tooth cares, thermal treatments, etc.). A general doctor can be consulted by asking for a medical examination. With the invoice issued by the doctor it is possible to obtain a refund by the Health Institution in home country. For EU students, MSP Consortium provides for a private health insurance in case of study period outside EU (internship or II term in Ukraine, from II EMMCMSP edition).




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