Undergraduate and graduate programmes offered by the University iuav of Venice:

level I (prerequisite: Bachelor of Arts or Science)



General Services


To harmonize the services offered to students, International Offices of the three partners will get in touch to coordinate pre-arrival support information and to share practices.


Each partner's international office will give assistance as follows:


- Services “prior to your stay”: Assistance in applying for a visa, Information regarding the required documents for entry; Assistance in finding living accommodations ; Advice on family reunion; assistance in applying for EMMC financial support as scholarships;


- Services “after your arrival”: Escort service upon arrival in each master's location, assistance in searching for living accommodations, assistance with respect to visa procedure, assistance in matters regarding grant contracts; assistance, advice, and support regarding further questions such as health insurance and banking; arranging for access to the library and computer centre (Instruction regarding these procedures)


- Services “during your stay”: Coordination of family reunions (when needed), advice regarding a balanced work and family life, supporting the partner in continuing his/her academic career, help in arranging for child care services;. Language course offerings, according to language policy; information regarding cultural events, sport activities, discussion groups etc.


- Services “at the end of your stay”: organization and coordination of the formalities before departure: Cancellation of housing contract, etc.; advice on continued support before returning to your home country, assistance in searching for funding programs; alumni support.


- A specific “Welcome Week” is organized in Seville, to facilitate initial students integration, in order to present the University facilities and the welcome activities reserved to international students, distribute some academic and touristic material; give information about the stay permit procedures and the Italian immigration laws; visit the town, the main University and Research structures, in the towns; the deliver for the application for the necessary declarations and forms for stay permit application.


- University of Iuav and Universidade dos Ašores will provide welcome days as well.



In Sevilla


University of Sevilla provide several services as follows:


1 Department advice to foreigner students (S.A.C.U)
The hosting university will advice and help students to fill in registration forms, have information about the legal status of foreigners, visa arrangements, medical and social insurance, etc. The aim of this Unit is to give guidance, advising and information related to the documentation of the study stay card to students, access to the University of Seville for foreign students, foreigners’ documentation process management, etc;

2 Accomodation
The S.A.C.U. Office (Student Services of the University of Seville) provides information and advice about the different kinds of accommodation available: halls of Residence (Colegios Mayores de Residencias Universitarias), renting a flat, sharing a flat, lodging with a family, living with the elderly, disabled single-parents programme, etc


3 Credit Facilities
The University of Seville grants loans at long term for credit facilities. These credit facilities allow the payment of postgraduate studies with 0 interest. So the loan is enough to pay the registration fees


4 International Relations Office
VISIT US is a pioneering project designed entirely by the University of Seville for the students and their families and friends, to know Seville through a wide range of package tours, a personalized service and a comprehensive study of each family’s personal and economic circumstances, in association with the Local Tourism Board and the Cajasol Travel Agency. http://www.visit-us.es. The University of Seville has been awarded the Prize as the best Erasmus Institution among all the European universities


5 Psychological and Social Advice Office

SACU, whose Psychological and Social advice service is to provide counselling and tutoring for those who need this kind of support. The Masters Consortium is aware of the difficulties a third country or foreign student could have to be self adapted to a different culture, language and working methodologies. They will be supported by the Pedagogical and Psychological assistance office


6 Library and Computer labs

All three partner universities are well equipped, ensuring an easy access of these facilities for the Masters participants


7 Other facilities
University canteens, medical care service, study and research areas, etc.



In Ašores


Universidade dos Ašores through its social services provide to the host Students/ Scholars services in the areas of accommodation (University Dorms: 47 double rooms (94 beds), Kitchen, Laundry Service and Complex with 24-hour surveillance), supply Scholarships, Medical Staff , and Psychological Support for Cultural Activities and other services. Universidade dos Ašores has also three cafeterias and a snack bar. Special services of personal tutoring and assistance will be provided for students with handicaps, for special needs, or for students with families.


The International Relations Office of UAc will advice and help students to fill in registration forms, have information about the legal status of foreigners, visa arrangements, medical and social insurance and, in finding and booking accommodation in the University residences.á Also, the University of Azores and SATA International (Azorean flight company) have an agreement upon a reduced fare for all Erasmus students flying from Lisbon to Ponta Delgada and back to Lisbon; The International Relations Office of UAc provides the guidelines to benefit from the terms of the agreement.



In Venice


In Venice, during the welcome day students will be helped in the deliver for the application of the Library card, the Student Card (needed for canteen restaurants ), and the necessary declarations and forms for stay permit application and bus pass (when needed); support (in group, or individually if needed) at the different offices (ESU in Venice, Questura in Venice, Post Office, Bank, etc.) during administrative steps concerning the housing contract, the stay permit, the health insurance coverage, the bus-pass, the opening of a bank account, etc.). About accommodation, the regional “Body of Venice for Students' Rights” (ESU) manages housing accommodation and reserves a selected number of apartments for foreign students. Moreover, ESU will provide special fares based on private agreements, available even for students with family. All students can uses the 2 ESU canteens paying reduced costs (the access is regulated through a personal card, a complete Italian meal is about 8 euro). IUAV provides an internal crŔche, which can be used by students and scholars’ kids family members. University Library systems and Cartographic Centre, the ESU sport centre (paying reduced fees) is accessible to students and scholars. Special services of personal tutoring and assistance will be provided to students with special needs or with families, to assure the compliance of their requirements.




For more information


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