Undergraduate and graduate programmes offered by the University iuav of Venice:

level I (prerequisite: Bachelor of Arts or Science)



Partner Courses


With respect to integration within the partners' courses/degrees catalogs, students will be integrated in a vivid context with a long experience in different fields, planning and policies issues, environment and biology, and legal issues.


The master course teaching activity will find a fruitful environment, substantiated by some courses which will cooperate with existing ones, as well as by new courses, which will fortify and differentiate the curriculum catalogs of the hosting Universities, since the innovation of topic.


Iuav offers a wide range of planning courses and a specific PhD program in GIS and new technologies for analyzing, mapping and modeling terrestrial and marine ecosystems. A new specific series of lectures and workshop will be organized on MSP key experiences, with the participation of several professionals and scholars.


Universidade dos Ašores offers a “mestrado em gestŃo integrada de zonas costeiras” (translation for "master in integrated coastal management") which is one of the master offered by the biology department. Moreover, the Universidade dos Ašores offers masters in spatial and environmental planning, oceanography and biology. They will improve the offer through a specific course on MSP strategies.


University of Seville delivers under graduate and master courses on marine geography, geographical information systems, coastal and environmental public policies and international law. The EMMCMSP will be launched as the first Master course on the topic of MSP to improve and complete the educational supply of the US.




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Joint Master Course on Maritime Spatial Planning

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