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level I (prerequisite: Bachelor of Arts or Science)



Learning Outcomes


The Joint Master Course on MSP's learning outcomes are defined according to the Dublin Descriptors, as follows:


About knowledge and understanding the participants should be able to:

- describe, analyse and comparatively assess the most important experience in MSP, their rationale and participation procedures, as best practices and as guidelines for future development and improvement of maritime strategies

- characterize the relevant legal systems insisting on maritime spaces, with respect to European and international Legislation, and to some extent, about world regulations and existing maritime agreements

- identify, exemplify and distinguish between a range of environmental issues, as well as economic and logistic questions with respect to marine and coastal areas.


About applying knowledge and understanding the participants should be able to:

- depict, list and qualify the relevant aspects which should be considered when approaching a geographical and environmental context of a specific marine area

- describe and evaluate economic rationality behind marine uses and misuses

- structure and thematize a planning issue in an integrated knowledge framework, as well as  organize and handle multi-tasking questions, as in the case of maritime and coastal contexts

- apply knowledge, understanding and problem solving abilities in new or unfamiliar environments within broader (or multidisciplinary) contexts related to their master degree’s field of study.


About making judgements, the participants should be able to:

- evaluate critical issues and conflicts that arise in maritime spaces while developing scenarios and strategies

- set and apply integrated and pluralistic evaluation methods in a specific marine context

- identify most suitable planning tools according to the scale of analysis and the site-specific conditions of a case-study area taken into consideration.


About communication skills, the participants should be able to:

- use a standard format of writing professional reports

- sustain an English scientific conversation on MSP

- organize and participate to team work, while specifying his/her specific role in the team

- communicate their conclusions (knowledge and rationale behind) to specialist and non-specialist audiences clearly and unambiguously, as they would do in their professional life in MSP fields of application

- speak a language of one hosting Country (Spanish, Portuguese, Italian), with respect to Consortium language policy.


About learning skills:

- plan, design and manage spatial information systems (data analysis and processing), with respect to specific decision support systems in maritime planning

- identify and describe suitable systems, technologies and tools to measure and monitor coastal and marine environments.




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