Undergraduate and graduate programmes offered by the University iuav of Venice:

level I (prerequisite: Bachelor of Arts or Science)





The Joint Master Course on MSP is a starting point for following more specialized studies of doctoral level, where some of the topics (environmental, economic or legal issues, technologies in monitoring and modelling marine spaces) could be deeper investigated.


Graduates in MSP can aspire to be employed in maritime private sector, in shipping companies, logistics companies, in Non-Governmental organizations and charities as well as in public sector, i.e. Government and Local Authorities planning departments in coastal areas, fishing departments and in coastal and marine water management boards. There is a need for new qualifications on human resources not based on sectorial approach but on an integrated approach, as provided by the Joint Master Course; moreover, there is also the need to personnel with a marine and maritime background with up-to-date competences and skills because of marine legal, environmental and institutional specificities, as provided by the course.


The course aim to produce graduates who are both technically competent and capable of management at project level and above. It is expected that those who have completed the course may look towards roles such as:

– project managers within relevant maritime organizations and business

– research and development professionals

– managers involved in the development of policies

– managers involved in the implementation of projects, programs and policies.


Justify the relevance of the consortium composition and the expertise of the key academic staff involved to achieve the course’s objectives.




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Joint Master Course on Maritime Spatial Planning

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