Undergraduate and graduate programmes offered by the University iuav of Venice:

level I (prerequisite: Bachelor of Arts or Science)



Degree Awarded


At the end of the course of 120 ECTS, students will be awarded a second level joint degree (Master’s level degree). The official name of the title is "Erasmus Mundus Master in Maritime Spatial Planning", which will be translated in each partners language as "Master di I livello Erasmus Mundus in Pianificazione degli Spazi Marittimi" in Italian, “Mestrado Erasmus Mundus em ordenamento do espašo maritimo” in Portuguese, and "Master Erasmus Mundus en Planificaciˇn Espacial Marina" in Spanish.


UniversitÓ Iuav di Venezia, University of Sevilla will confer a Joint Degree, signed by the rectors of UniversitÓ Iuav di Venezia and by the Dean of the University of Seville. The Universidade dos Ašores will participate to the join degree as soon as it is approved by the Scientific Council of the Universidade dos Ašores, and then it has to be published by the Minister, by June 2013.


A joint degree is defined as a single diploma issued by at least two of the institutions offering an integrated study programme. The title has no expiry date. It gives access to third level degree courses accordingly national legislations. Consortium agreementá disciplines the educational aspects and the organization of the MSP between partners.


Translation of the Joint degree’s title:

Master di I livello Erasmus Mundus in Pianificazione degli Spazi Marittimi - 120 ECTS

University of Seville:
Master Erasmus Mundus en Planificaciˇn Espacial Marina - 120 ECTS

Universidade dos Ašores:
Mestrado Erasmus Mundus em ordenamento do espašo maritimo - 120 ECTS


The MSP Erasmus Mundus joint program is instituted by the 3 University, who will submit the program to National accreditation according to each national procedure as follows (The national recognition of the master degree in each country follows the specific national rules).




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Erasmus Mundus on Maritime Spatial Planning

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