Undergraduate and graduate programmes offered by the University iuav of Venice:

level I (prerequisite: Bachelor of Arts or Science)





Several scholars and guest lecturers are suggested by the three Universities.



The University of the Azores proposes:

(i)        Prof. M. Adams, expert in environmental studies and botany, who will organize and coordinate the workshop “Biosphere Reserves: Looking Ahead” (2 ECTS);

(ii)      Prof. P. Pereira, expert in Oceanography, who will improve ocean data availability for the Joint Master Course’s practical works/classes, and will introduce the students to the study case of North Eastern Brazil (2 ECTS);


Other invited lecturers for individual seminars are:

(i)        Prof. A. Campos, expert in Marine Cartography and Physical Engineering, head of the Portuguese Mission for the extended continental shelf claim, who can bring a clear vision on Ocean International Organization, marine physical environments and marine representation techniques and methods;

(ii)      Prof. M. Chantal, expert in Maritime Law, who will introduce students to the Legal Framework of Sea Law and will present the case studies of Portugal as the emerging deep sea mining interests in conflict with the biological conservation of hydrothermal vents;

(iii)     Prof. J. Zaucha, expert in Economic Geography, who will give a lecture on quantitative social and economic maritime research and will coordinate a workshop on current MSP practices;

(iv)    Prof. D. Johnson, expert in Marine environmental protection and governance, consultant at Seascape Ltd., former Executive Secretary OSPAR Commission and Emeritus Professor in Coastal Management at Southampton Solent University, UK;

(v)      Prof. K. Gee, expert in Geography, Qualitative Social Research, Quantitative Social Research, who will introduce the students to the identification of significant areas for marine spatial planning;

(vi)    Prof. W. McClintock, expert in Ecology, Evolution and Marine Biology, who will organize a Workshop with focus on support tools (mainly GIS) and related MSP topics;

(vii)   Prof. P. Borges expert in Geology and Geomorphology that will give some lectures on Coastal Dynamics;

(viii) Prof. F. Lopes expert of Economy, who will introduce the concepts of Valuation of Natural Resources and methods for Marine Environments Economics Assessment and tradeoff analysis.




For what concerns the external academics and guest lectures the University Iuav of Venice proposes:

(i)        Dr. T. Agardy, marine conservationist and founder of Sound Seas, lead organization in a number of international projects promoting the use of MSP, who will be working with Associate partners in formulating a robust and current curriculum in MSP, including a two week workshop on ecosystem service assessment (2 ECTS);

(ii)      Dr. Jennifer McGowan, University of Queensland, Australia, expert in MSP and conservation planning, with consolidated expertise on decision support tools as MARXAN (2 ECTS);

(iii)     Prof. C. Ehler, international expert of Maritime and Coastal Planning and marine planning consultant working with UNESCO’s Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (IOC) and other international and non-governmental organization and national governments. He will give lectures and seminars related to vision and design for maritime spatial planning and how to structure an MSP plan (invited lecturer);

(iv)    Dr. F. Douvere, coordinator of the Marine Programme at UNESCO’s World Heritage Centre in Paris, will introduce students to the Marine Spatial Planning in Flagship World Heritage Marine Sites (invited lecturer);

(v)      Dr. G. Notarbartolo di Sciara, ecologist and conservationist who has bridged the worlds of marine science, conservation and policy, will give a lecture on “placed-based protection of Mediterranean marine biodiversity (invited lecturer);

(vi)    Dr. P. Holtus, funding president and CEO of the World Ocean Council (invited lecturer);

(vii)   “MSP Challenge 2050” team (Project Leader: Prof. I. Mayer, with the Government of Netherlands), MSP Challenge will feature in the Joint Master Course and students will familiarize themselves with key issues involved in policies formulation and planning strategies for maritime space, to improve the management of resources from an environmental, economic, social and legal perspective within the framework of Maritime policies (1 ECTS);

(viii) Dr. P. Campostrini, director of CORILA, consortium for coordination of research activities concerning the Venice Lagoon system (invited lecturer).



For what concerns the external guest lectures, the University of Sevilla proposes:

(i)        Dr. M. Frias, project coordinator of the Baltic Scope project at HELCOM, will introduce students to Northern Europe MSPO projects and activities (invited lecturer);

(ii)      Mr. A. Iglesias Campos, UNESCO-IOC, will give a perspective about the implementation of MSP in European and extra-European countries (invited lecturer);

(iii)     Prof. L. Herrera, from the University of Rhode Island and expert of Rhode Island MSP plan, will develop a short workshop on MSP case studies (2 ECTS);

(iv)    Mr. Sagrario Arrieta MAPAMA. Ministry of Agriculture Fishing Food Environment (invited lecturer);

(v)      Maria JosÚ Barragan, Leibniz Center for Tropical Marine Research (ZMT) (2 ECTS).






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