Undergraduate and graduate programmes offered by the University iuav of Venice:

level I (prerequisite: Bachelor of Arts or Science)



Professional Links


The interaction with the professional socio-economic/scientific/cultural sectors will take place according to several questions:

- educational demand, with respect to the MSP program calibration and orientation

- upgrading and revision of scientific/cultural/institutional approaches developed through MSP master and other curricula

- identification of emerging research demands and innovation, towards which to orient MSP research activities in cooperation with Master activities

- job placement, concerning the definition of curriculum profile and employment perspectives in maritime sectors.


Student internship might be considered as a networking opportunity, with the support of tutors from the Consortium Partners and hosting institutions.


With respect to Associated members, ‘Klaster Intermodalnog Prijevoza’ KIP (Intermodal Transport Cluster, Rijeka, Croatia), and Levante Port Authority (LPA, Bari, Italy), will play an important role in interfacing the master activities with the professional demands with respect to port economics, logistics and planning. Moreover, KIP and LPA will play an important role in collaborating in the Consortium networking activity, because of their very nature. EUCC is an association with 2700 members and member organisations in 40 countries. Founded in 1989 with the aim of promoting coastal conservation by bridging the gap between scientists, environmentalists, site managers, planners and policy makers, it has grown since then into the largest network of coastal practitioners and experts in Europe, with 15 National Branches and offices in seven countries. EUCC working area is Europe, the Mediterranean and Black Sea and other neighbouring regions. The professional network of EUCC, through the Office of Barcelona, will be mobilized to interact with the MSP Consortium.


With respect to interactions with non-academic sector, Thetys and EUCC in Europe, and Sound  Seas in US are involved in collaborations with NGOs, as ones active on sea protection, and they will share their networks and experiences within the MSP research and Master activities. Specifically, Dr. Notarbartolo (Thetys) is the Coordinator for the Mediterranean Region of the World Commission on Protected Areas - Marine (WCPA Marine)of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), as well as he is vice president of the Cetacean Specialist Group. Dr. Tundi Agardy is part of the World Commission on Protected Areas - Marine (WCPA Marine) of IUCN as well. Moreover, University of Azores has strong relations with IUCN and also to National/Regional NGOs as “Quercus, Associacao Nacional de Consevacao da Natureza”, aiming at promoting several conservation projects to save biodiversity such as the Biological Reserves Network where currently 600 ha of private biological reserves are being managed and a network of microreserves for conservation of rare and endangered species and habitats is to be created. Finally, University of Azores has facilitated the MSP EU Roadmap discussion at the Azores National Workshop with a strong involvement between civil society, professionals and decision makers.

IOC/UNESCO aims at supporting knowledge transfer and stakeholders participation with respect to environmental protection and planning strategies in the construction of Marine Spatial Planning Initiatives all around the world. Specific effort of IOC partners with UNESCO member states is devoted to develop capacity building of their national institutes in conducting the science and observations needed to underpin informed decision-making for sustainable use of the ocean and coastal seas. IOC will mobilize its network to provide internship placement among its members.

The ‘Fideicomiso Mercantil Fondo Ambiental para la Protecciòn de las Aguas’, FONAG  Environmental Fund for Waters Protection), Ecuador, will contribute to internship placements and in promoting the Master program in Latin America.


Eminent professionals will be invited to participate to seminars on specific topics, and to present  their experience in MSP sectors and interactions. Some of them have already expressed their interest in attending Consortium activities, as stated in the Endorsement Letters received by University of Seville (Prof Tundi Agardy, Washington D.C. USA; Prof. Juan- Luis Alegret, Universitat de Girona, Spain; Prof. Pascual Fernandez, Universidad de la Laguna, Spain).


A specific interaction with Oceanographic and Marine Institutes will be put in place, with respect to environmental knowledge, data collection and analysis, as well as with Institutes which operate in the field of Climate and Sustainability. Moreover, logistics operators and transportation vectors will constitute a source for the master course activities and for internships, as well as Port Authorities (as Levante Port Authority, Italy as Associated Member) and shipping companies.




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