Undergraduate and graduate programmes offered by the University iuav of Venice:

level I (prerequisite: Bachelor of Arts or Science)





The MSP Consortium is supported by key Associated Members (Partners) as research centres, which are constantly in touch with innovative research fields in MSP.


CORILA promotes and coordinates interdisciplinary research related to coastal zones and seas, and it is also involved in European projects such as THESEUS – “Innovative technologies for safer European coasts” (FP7). CORILA is also the Promoter of the “Venice Platform Declaration”, signed by 30 institutions and networks in November 2008, which states a series of principles and objectives for the establishment of a common European Platform on sustainable coastal development and sustainable use of the sea. The Venice Platform aims at promoting greater synergy and coherence in coastal and marine management among the Member States and to support the EU initiatives within the frame of the Integrated Maritime Policy (The Blue Book).


The MSP Consortium also sees the participation as Associated Member of the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of UNESCO, in order to activate several opportunities of internship placement, thanks to its global network. In particular, through the programme on Marine Spatial Planning established since 2006, IOC has a wide knowledge in the practices related to management of maritime territories.

It aims at the worldwide promotion of the use of marine spatial planning as a tool to implement ecosystem-based, sea use management, as well as helping countries to operationalize ecosystem-based management by finding space for biodiversity conservation and sustainable economic development in marine environments. IOC commits itself to make its MSP network available to the Master Course, and to share its expertise and its knowledge with respect to MSP best practices.


The Master has undergone a deep revision due to the inclusion of an increasing number of strategic Associated Partners, notably the University of Thessaly (UTH). The UTH’s expertise in coastal/Mediterranean tourism is essential to enhancing the Master’s training offer and for giving a 360-vision on the dynamics, the challenges and the available tools for the specific maritime economies that are strategic for sustainable development not only in the Mediterranean and European context.


The role of Associated Partners is crucial for the support of the Master’s activities, but also for continuously sharing knowledge, experience and skills. Associated Partners, both public and private, act as the most important connection point between students and the MSP processes in progress all around the world. On the other hand, the inclusion of Associated Partners directly involved in MSP processes, and the creation of a strong network of practitioners (as for example Nordregio and Sound Seas), research institutes (as for example the University of Turku and CNR-ISMAR), public institutions (UNESCO-IOC) and private sectors (WOC) is strategic in the development and the implementations of actual MSP plans.



Associated partners links


> CORILA, Venice, Italy

> UNESCO-IOC – Intergovernamental Oceanographic Commission, Paris

> CNR/ISMAR, Italy

> HELCOM, Finland

> Sound Seas, USA

> Stichting NHTV Internationale Hogeschool Breda, Netherlands

> University of Thessaly, Greece

> CPPS, Ecuador

> Estrutura de Missão para a Extensão da Plataforma Continental, Portugal

> Eulabor Institute, Italy/The Netherlands

> FDUP, Portugal

> Ghent University, Belgium

> MarViva Foundation, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia

> Ministerio de Agricultura y Pesca, Alimentación y Medio Ambiente, Spain

> Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, The Netherlands

> SRRN, Portugal

> SOCIB, Spain

> Università di Genova, Italy

> BWI, Croatia

> CCMAR, Portugal

> Plavi svijet Institut za istraživanje i zaštitu mora, Croatia

> CIIMAR, Portugal

> Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II, Italy

> EMUNI univerza, Slovenia

> Instituto Español de Oceanografía, Spain

> Nordregio, Sweden

> Planning Authority, Malta

> s.Pro - sustainable projects, Germany

> Thetis S.p.A., Venice, Italy

> Universidade de Aveiro, Portugal

> Turun yliopisto, Turku, Finland

> World Ocean Council, London, UK




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