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level I (prerequisite: Bachelor of Arts or Science)





The MSP Consortium sees the support of key Associated Members (Partners), as research centers, day-by-day in touch with innovative research fields in MSP.


CORILA promotes and coordinates interdisciplinary research related to coastal zones and seas, and it is also involved in European projects as, for example, THESEUS-“Innovative technologies for safer European coasts” (FP7). CORILA is also the Promoter of the “Venice Platform Declaration”, signed by 30 institutions and networks in November 2008, which states a series of principles and objectives for the establishment of a common European Platform on sustainable coastal development and sustainable use of the sea. The Venice Platform aims at promoting greater synergy and coherence in coastal and marine management among the Member States and to support the EU initiatives within the frame of the Integrated Maritime Policy (The Blue Book).


Other Associated Members will be the Thetys Research Institute, with Dr. Notarbartolo di Sciaria, with a long experience in protecting biodiversity by promoting the adoption of a precautionary approach for the conservation of marine natural resources; the Odessa National Maritime University, Ukraine, with Prof. Doubrovsky, with an established expertise in navigation and safety, maritime automation and computer integrated technology in marine transport; the Dipartimento di Ingegneria Civile e Architettura (Department of Civil Engineering and Architecture, DICAR) of the UniversitÓ di Trieste, Italy, with Prof. Torbianelli, with a consolidated experience in logistics and Ports Economics and design.


The MSP Consortium sees also the participation as Associated Member of the Intergovernamental Oceanographic Commission of UNESCO, in order to activate several opportunities of internship placement, thanks to its global network. In particular, through the programme on Marine Spatial Planning established since 2006, IOC has a wide knowledge in the practices related to management of maritime territories.

It aims at promoting worldwide the use of marine spatial planning as a tool to implement ecosystem-based, sea use management, as well as helping countries to operationalize ecosystem-based management by finding space for biodiversity conservation and sustainable economic development in marine environments. IOC commits itself to make its MSP network available to the Master Course, and to share its expertise and its knowledge with respect to MSP best practices.


Professionals, researchers and scholars will contribute in the analysis of the best practices of maritime spatial planning of which they were/are promoters, or research project in which they were involved, as starting point and critical issue on which the Master program is built. The Coastal & Marine Union (EUCC), with Carolina PÚrez Valverde, is dedicated to conserving and maintaining healthy seas and attractive coasts for both people and nature. EUCC advocates best practice by developing coastal and marine policies, mobilising experts and stakeholders, providing advice and information, and implementing demonstration projects.


Moreover, they will take part in seminars and in the evaluation of master program, method and results, pledging their applied knowledge as evaluating criteria. We collected some personal endorsement letters (as annex) from some of them who expressed their interest in the constitution of the EMMCMSP. Prof. Tundy Agardy (Executive Director of Sound Seas, a marine conservation policy group based in Washington D.C., USA, attending the MSP Consortium as Associated member), is an internationally renowned expert in marine conservation, with extensive field and policy experience in Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, the Mediterranean, North America and the Pacific; she is also advisor of the EU FP7 project MESMA, “Monitoring and Evaluation of Spatially Managed Areas”, focused on marine spatial planning and aimed at producing integrated management tools (concepts, models and guidelines) for Monitoring, Evaluation and implementation of Spatially Managed marine Areas, based on European collaboration. Prof. Juan- Luis Alegret, Director of the “CÓtedra d’Estudis Maritims” (Universitat de Girona - Ajuntament de Palamˇs, Spain), expert in social anthropology in maritime spaces, related to fishing activities, and Prof. Pascual Fernandez, Full Professor of Social Antropology, Director of the “Instituto Universitario de Ciencias Politicas y Sociales” of the Universidad de la Laguna (Spain), associate to the MSP Consortium.


Associated member with a professional profile as ‘Klaster Intermodalnog prijevoza (Intermodal Transport Cluster, Rijeka (Croatia), EUCC (Spain), the Port Authority of Levante, Bari (Italy) will contribute in constructing the practice-oriented approach. The Fideicomiso Mercantil Fondo Ambiental para la Protecci˛n de las Aguas (FONAG) (Environmental Fund for Waters Protection), from Ecuador, has a long experience in environmental protection projects in marine and coastal areas in Ecuador.


The Consortium Composition, as it is at present time, constitutes an indispensable start-up, which would underpin an evolution, supported by the networking and the promotion activities as established in the MSP promotion plan. We already have the support, as Associated member, of the Odessa National Maritime University, Ukraine, which will be involved in the next phases, to build another specialization in the II Term, oriented towards European-Asian Maritime Issues, specialized in navigation, transports and logistic issues, as the interface with Asia towards the Mediterranean Basin.



Associated partners links


> CORILA, Italy

> UNESCO – Intergovernamental Oceanographic Commission, Paris

> Tethys Research Institute, Italy

> Sound Sea, USA

> Odessa National Maritime University, Ukraine

> Department of Architecture and Engineering, University of Trieste, Italy

> EUCC Mediterranean Centre, Barcelona, Spain

> FONAG Institute, Quito - Ecuador

> Intermodal Transport Consortium, Croatia

> Port Autority of Levante, Italy




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