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Student Agreement


The Student Agreement (SA) is stipulated between respectively EU and TC students (as defined by the EMMC program guide) and the MSP Coordinating Institution. The Student is obliged to attend the MSP program, having a duration of 2 academic years, according to mobility plan defined by the Master Program. The attendance referred to will be recognized by the respective institutions as integral parts of the qualification for which the Student is preparing, as long as the Student is successful in the respective examinations and/or assessments.


Student agreement signature is compulsory for all students. It contains rights and duties of both parties as follows:


on the student’s side: students obligation in MSP attendance, rules of exception; student rights with respect to services and master delivery; general conditions and duties of the student master activities attendance; conditions of the achievement of the academic requirements; contractual relationship between student and the MSP Consortium; regulation of student exclusion, reimbursement rules in case of student exclusion from MSP; obligation of students with respect to required insurance coverage


on the Consortium’s side: MSP consortium duties with respect to the master’s delivery; Master thesis standards requirements and joint examination methods and mechanisms to assess the students' achievements; contractual relationship between student and the MSP Consortium; scholarship payment modality (annual and monthly instalments, bank accounting identification); exception of responsibilities of Iuav for accidents, illnesses, injuries, losses or damages to persons or goods resulting from or in any way related to the activities that are the object of the present Contract; modification of the Contract and dispute resolution conditions.


SA is prepared by the Management Board Administrative body, and should be signed by the Student and by the MSP Coordinating Institution legal representative, according to scholarship awarding procedure.


Bank details Form and Consent of Deduction constitute as an integral part of the SA.





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