Undergraduate and graduate programmes offered by the University iuav of Venice:

level I (prerequisite: Bachelor of Arts or Science)



Participation Costs


According to the MSP budget plan, the participation costs per semester are of 1600 euro per EU students, and of 2300 Euro per TC students for the First Edition of the EMMCMSP (2013-2014). Participation costs will be revised each year by the Management Board, as well as the participation fee.


The cost difference between EU and TC students depends on the higher Insurance rate for TC students (for an estimated amount of 1600 euros on the two years, 400 euro per semester) and for additional assistance which will be required for TC students (estimated 300 euros of extra assistance per semester). Participation costs can be revised by the Management Board after the first edition, according to changes in the budget plan.

Visa costs are not included in the participation costs, since they are usually individually charged directly by the Embassies. The Universities’ administrations will provide each student with the invitation letter to apply for the visa. Each student will pay for its visas and for the costs of the issuing procedure, that depends on national legislation of each country.


The Consortium management Board is in charge of managing and distributing the financial resources according to the activities delivered by each partners, agreed on the financial plan as defined per each Master Edition.




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Erasmus Mundus on Maritime Spatial Planning

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Francesco Musco


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