level I (prerequisite: Bachelor of Arts or Science)

level I (prerequisite: Bachelor of Arts or Science)



Erasmus Mundus Scholarship for 2018-2020 edition



Scholarships will be granted only if the application to EACEA for the project is successful. In this case, scholarships will be available for Partner Countries and Programme Countries students, numerically defined each year by the European Community;


- Scholarships for Partner Countries can be assigned to students from third countries, selected by the consortium for Erasmus Mundus master courses, who come from a country other than a EU Member States, from the EEA-EFTA States, from EU candidate countries, as well as from countries that intend to sign a cooperation agreement with EU for their full participation in Erasmus+  and  are not residents or have carried out their main activity (studies, training or work) for more than 12 months in total over the last five years in these countries;


- Scholarships for Programme Countries can be assigned to EU students selected by the consortia, as well as to any other student of a master course selected by EMMC consortia who do not fall within the criteria defined above for Partner Countries.



It should be noted that:


1. Those who have already received a scholarship for Erasmus Mundus master courses are not eligible for a second scholarship in order to attend the same course or another.


2. Students who receive a scholarship for Erasmus Mundus master courses are not eligible for other grants from the European Union to continue their studies in the master's programme.


4. Other grants may be provided to those who do not benefit from the Erasmus Mundus and these could be provided on further notice.


5. Beneficiaries of a scholarship do not have the right to receive it for the periods when the course is held in their country of residence.






If scholarships will be available, is the responsibility of the consortium to ensure that they are paid to the students as follows:




For scholarship holders from Erasmus+ Programme countries

For scholarship holders from Erasmus+ Partner countries

Contribution to the participation costs

up to 4.500 € per year per scholarship holder from a Programme Country

up to 9.000 € per year per scholarship holder from a Partner Country

Any amount in excess of these maximum contributions must be covered by the participating organisations and cannot be charged to the scholarship holder

Contribution to the travel and installation costs

travel costs:

1.000 € per year per scholarship holder resident of a Programme Country

travel costs:

·   2.000 € per year per scholarship holder resident of a Partner Country whose location is less than 4.000 km away from the HEI coordinating the JMD

·   3.000 € per year per scholarship holder resident of a Partner Country whose location is 4.000 km or more away from the HEI coordinating the JMD

installation costs:

·       1.000 € per scholarship holder resident of a Partner Country

Contribution to subsistence costs

1.000 € per month for the entire duration of the JMD study programme (24 months maximum)

Contribution to subsistence costs will not be given to scholarship holders for the periods of the JMD (study / research / placement / thesis preparation) spent in their country of residence



Amount I (Contribution to the student’s travel, installation, visa related costs and other personal costs) will have to be paid:

– For Programme countries and Partner countries, in the first period of  the beginning of the course, in two instalments (1st year of the course and 2nd year of the course)



Amount II (Maximum contribution to participation costs - including insurance coverage) can be collected by the consortium directly on the condition that the student has signed a “student agreement” with the consortium in which the amount and the costs covered by it have been clearly indicated. Although the consortium is free to define the appropriate amount of participation costs to be charged to participating students, when determining these costs the consortium should bear in mind the maximum contribution to the participation costs included in the scholarship. If the tuition fees established by the consortium are higher than this amount, the consortium should grant the Erasmus Mundus scholarship holders a fee waiver for any fee amount in excess of this maximum contribution.


Amount III (Monthly allowance) must be paid on a monthly basis and in full to the student’s personal bank account.


With respect to the scholarship amount, “Participation costs” must be understood as any compulsory administrative/operational cost related to the participation of the student in the Joint Master Course (e.g. library, laboratory, tuition, social security and insurance costs, etc.). Any other costs that may be charged in addition (e.g. for participation in fieldwork activities), being compulsory or voluntary, must be communicated to the candidate student at application stage.


The number of monthly allowances is calculated from the start to the end of the course and includes, if applicable, the summer break between two academic years.



All the Erasmus Mundus scholarships are tax-exempt.


PAY ATTENTION PLEASE: the updated information is subject to possible modifications related to instructions/further information to be received by the Agency.






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