Undergraduate and graduate programmes offered by the University iuav of Venice:

admission and application



To be admitted to the master course, it is necessary to have one of the following


- Italian master’s degrees laurea specialistica/magistrale in architettura, paesaggio, pianificazione e ingegneria civile awarded according to D.M. 509/1999 amended by D.M. 270/2004;

- Italian qualification equivalent to a master’s degree as laurea in architettura, paesaggio, pianificazione e ingegneria civile awarded according to the didactic Italian National regulations established before D.M. 509/1999;

- Master Degree in Architecture, Landscape design, urban planning and civil engineering obtained out of Italy, that the didactic committee will consider equivalent to one of the above mentioned qualifications, only to be admitted to the master course.

Other 2nd level degrees or equivalent qualifications, which are different from the above listed ones will be considered and evaluated by the didactic committee.


One of the requirements to enter in the Master course is an high-level knowledge of the English language: Toefl 550 or equivalent level.


(DEADLINE  June the 30th, 2017)



The specific procedure of application is available here >>.

Admittance fee for the selection  € 50


Go to the page to create your personal account.


registration process

> enter the reserved area using your access credentials, or if you are not registered with the site, proceed to registration by selecting "Registration" from the menu. You must register your name and surname according to your passport credentials or Id card credentials. After completing the registration, wait at least 5 minutes before entering the reserved area;

> candidates that are already registered with the Website but have lost their access credentials, must contact the front-office of the Didactic Area and Student Services and fax their request for credentials, together with a copy of their own valid identity document, to 041/2571002;

> select "admissions test”, proceed to enter the details and upload the documents in electronic format (up to max 5MB), as required by the application web pages displayed.


Then go to Apply to Competition, click on Postgraduate specialization programmes - level 2, select EMU- European postgraduate master in urbanism and follow the instructions provided by the application software. The application will collect all the electronic documents you have to submit (the list is done below).  You can submit the scanned documents in several formats, (however PDF format is strongly preferred).


You can download “application form_cv_motivation letter” on the material section of this page.


You must finish your electronic submission before the deadline, otherwise your application will not be validated. When done, you will get a receipt


You will get also the admittance bulletin fee of € 50 (the MAV).

In any Italian bank you show the MAV and you pay the admittance fee.

Only for foreigners whose  bank is located out of Italy they have to pay, using this IBAN Code:

Banco Popolare Venezia  Iban:IT36D0503402071000000020500 -  Swift code : BAPPIT22

They will send the receipt of payment by e-mail to master@iuav.it


Please do not send any document by post, the original (or certified copies) will be asked after the selection process.


list of documents for the selection

Candidates must upload the following documents to the online application:

- application form SIGNED. The application form for the admission to the master is available on http://www.iuav.it/master

- European curriculum vitae – see attached template

- letter of motivation for the enrolment in the master – see attached template

- certificate of English: TOEFL 550 or equivalent level

- portfolio with personal projects and documents illustrating the work and activities developed in the field of disciplines related to master;

- a copy of an identity document.

In addition, for candidates with foreign qualifications:

- certified copy of academic degree(s) in original language and translated into Italian, stating the final classification obtained (university degrees and others - do not send high school diploma) (PDF format preferred).The title must be translate in Italian language and legalized with the declaration of value in an Italian Embassy or Consulate in the country where the institution, which issued the qualification, is located;

- Certified copy of academic transcript(s) in original language and translated into English, listing the grade/rank/mark of each discipline/subject attended to obtain each degree (university degrees and others - do not send high school diploma). All courses taken must be included (PDF format preferred).


tuition fees

Enrolment fee to enter the European postgraduate specialisation programme in Urbanism (EMU) - and design strategies for cities and Territories corresponds to € 3.016,00 per semester.


registration for the fall semester a.a. 2017/18

Students must enrol within 1st September 2017.

The specific procedure of enrolment  is available here >>.


 registration for the spring semester a.a. 2017/18

Students already enrolled in the master course that will follow the spring semester in the Universitą Iuav di Venezia must send within January 20:

- application form to enrol to the spring semester of the European postgraduate master in urbanism (EMU) A.Y. 2017/2018

- the receipt of the paid application fee (3.016 €);

- a copy of the ID document.



** degree obtained

Upon successful completion of the programme, the student will receive:

1.a degree certificate signed by the home institution where the student completes their first semester and the final thesis semester.

2.the consortium certificate of European Postgraduate Master’s In Urbanism (Strategies and Design for Cities and Territories).



*** procedures to apply for a semester in KU Leuven

 Students wishing to follow a semester to the university of Leuven must apply to http://www.kuleuven.be/application as an exchange student in the Faculty of Engineering into the Master of Urbanism and Strategic Planning programme. They will have to create a user-id and then they get an application account in which they upload the requested documents, including the learning agreement. All courses can be found on http://www.asro.kuleuven.be/mausp


Students must use the appropriate form for the learning agreement and they get it signed by both universities and upload it into the application form. The courses can be changed at any time, if both universities accept, using the appropriate form.


Students will get an admission letter from the International office. With this admission letter they can apply for a student visum for Belgium.

In Belgium the university does not apply for a visum, the students have to do so.

They also has to prove the financial means.



Last update: 20/04/2017