Undergraduate and graduate programmes offered by the University iuav of Venice:

courses and teaching staff


Iuav Fall Semester

Territories of dispersion: Journey to Italy, Situations, Scenarios


Key issue: Territories of dispersion

Approaches: research/design through description and scenarios

Studio site: Italian territories of dispersion

Studio guidance: Paola Vigan˛


The Design Studio will reflect on research/design through description and scenarios. The Italian territories of dispersion, the new form of the contemporary metropolis, are taken as a reference for comparison with other European or non European cases. The hypothesis that leads the Studio is that these territories are today facing a strong mutation. the Studio will observe and read places and territories in transformation, questioning them with different hypothesis about their future. Scenarios related to new way of living, moving, inhabiting the city and the territory will be explored to understand the ways in which the territories of dispersion have been, will and might be shared or conflictual resources and support of an innovative ecological project; looking for new representations of the territory as infrastructure and living place.


Lectures and seminars:

- fields of knowledge: the descriptive and hypothetical dimension of design

- instruments of design: layering, sampling, scenario techniques

- tools of representation : photography, Gis and 3-D simulations

- techniques of construction of cities and territories: landscape ecology, techniques of environmental control


Former collaborators:

Paola Vigan˛

scientific director of the Iuav master, full professor in urbanism

teaching module: design studio e project as knowledge producer


Agostino Cappelli

full professor expert in transport and mobility

teaching module: mobility and territories of dispersion


Guido Guidi

assistant professor, photographer well known at international level

teaching module: intensified visions: technique and the art of photography


Sybrand Tjiallingii

biologist that since many years deals with ecology and urbanism

teaching module: landscape ecology and urban system


Giambattista Zaccariotto

architect and urbanist expert in landscape ecology


Paola Pellegrini

architect and urbanist expert in scenario construction



Iuav Spring Semester

Cultural Landscapes: Strategies and Descriptions


Key issue: Cultural Landscapes

Approach: research/design through description and strategies

Site: Venice

Studio guidance: Enrico Fontanari


Heritage cities and landscapes are a relevant concept born within modern architecture and urbanism. Their preservation for contemporary life is today one of the most exciting challenges for planners and designers since this requires: a) the development of sharp sensitivity to detect latent qualities; b) the feeding of a deep specific cultural background; c) the development of clever design skills to interpret patterns, spaces, forms so that their original concept is respected, but, at the same time, modern urban life finds the best possible shape and fascinating forms. The Design Studio will deal with the re-cycling of the former Actv dockyard to insert a new design in the thick landscape and historical palimpsest  of Venice and its lagoon.


Lectures and Seminars:

- fields of knowledge: the design of cities and territories as “art of time”

- instruments of design: “rilievo critico” (critical survey), the critical reading of space

- tools of representation: photogrammetry and 3-D representation

- techniques of construction of cities and territories: landscape design


Former collaborators:

Alberto Cecchetto

full professor in urbanism

teaching module: design studio


Enrico Fontanari

associate professor in urbanism

teaching module: urban and landscape surveys


Marcello Mamoli

associate professor in urbanism

teaching module: urban planning and design


Franco Mancuso

full professor in urbanism

teaching module: design studio