lauree magistrali 2020-2021

Master Degree Programme in Architecture

Course leader




Course leader

Fernanda De Maio



120 etcs



2-year programme


class degree

LM-4 Architettura e ingegneria edile – Architettura



Studying Architecture in Venice

Studying Architecture in Venice

Venice provides lifelong inspiration.

An uninterrupted tradition links Venice to its School of Architecture. Masters such as Carlo Scarpa and Aldo Rossi taught at Iuav, were affected by the beauty of the place and put it into their works.

Iuav satisfies the needs of a rapidly changing professional environment.

It commits to teaching design and planning as interpretations of spaces, knowledge of their history and synergy of multidisciplinary competences and skills.


Iuav MA in Architecture programme

The English-taught MA provides education and training for internationally oriented architects.

It gives students an excellent preparation for the evolving demands of society, both in the

technical-scientific area and the humanities. It teaches how to cope with present-day problems

related to urban and natural landscapes. It focuses on the conservation and transformation

of different architectural and urban contexts, with special attention to environmental, economic and social sustainability.

This programme prepares students to tackle pressing architectural, urban and environmental issues in the national and international scenes.

It offers updated visions of architecture and integrates them with ideas from global culture. It employs the most innovative techniques and methodologies to train generations of digital natives. This also means

providing cross-disciplinary competences in:

urban projects and theories on the city, with their related issues of sustainable growth and sustainable de-growth;

Italian cultural heritage and its conservation through regenerative projects that can be applied to other countries and contexts;

interior and exhibition design – a global asset for today’s architects.


The Iuav MA in Architecture offers student-centred learning through problematisation, experimentation and critical reflection by applying a variety of methods and practices to finally acquire advanced skills and reach informed positions.

The modules taught in each semester are developed in synergy. They are research-driven in order to present design as a process of inquiry. Each semester includes one integrated design lab and two theoretical courses.


Post-graduate opportunities

MA students are highly qualified to fill important positions in both national and international agencies.

They can work in public institutions, private practices and public companies in the fields of construction and urban and regional planning.

MA is a prerequisite to take the Italian State Exam to qualify as licensed architects.

Iuav Placement Services help postgraduates to find the most suitable opportunities for internships and land future jobs, both in Italy and abroad.





1st semester (oct-jan)

28 credits


Integrated Design Lab focus 1

Sustainable Urban Design & Performance;

Architectural and urban design 6 credits

Aldo Aymonino

Urban and landscape planning 6 credits

Sandro Marpillero


Landscape Architecture 6 credits

Luigi Latini


Theoretical courses

Sustainable Property Investment and Valuation 

Real estate appraisal 4 credits

Sergio Copiello


City dynamics and economics

Applied economies 4 credits

Margherita Turvani


Theory of the city

Urban and landscape planning 6 credits

Maria Chiara Tosi



2nd semester (feb / may)

32 credits


Integrated Design Lab focus 2

Architecture, Interior and Creative Exhibition Design

Interior design and staging 6 credits

Ángela Maria García de Paredes Falla + Ignacio G. Pedrosa (Paredes Pedrosa Arquitectos)

Architectural technology 6 credits

Dario Trabucco

Building physics and energy systems 4 credits

Massimiliano Scarpa


Theoretical courses

History of contemporary architecture

Architectural History 6 credits

Angelo Maggi


Theory and History of Representational Methods

Drawing 6 credits

Agostino De Rosa



4-credit internship that usually students attend during the summer break



3rd semester (oct / jan)

30 credits


Integrated Design Lab focus 3

Regeneration and Conservation of Historic Buildings and Environments

Architectural and Urban design 6 credits

Fernanda De Maio

Architectural restoration 6 credits

Emanuela Sorbo

Structural engineering 6 credits

Salvatore Russo


Heritage and Project

Architectural history 6 credits

Vitale Zanchettin


Analysis and Theory of Architecture

Architectural and urban design 6 credits

Valerio Paolo Mosco



4th semester (feb / may)

32 credits


Research Lab *

Visual and Narrative towards the Thesis Project 

Architectural and urban design 4 credits

Rodrigo Javier Corvalan Espinola

Drawing 4 credits

guest lecturer

Academic English writing 4 credits

Elisa Bizzotto



* As an alternative to the Research Lab, students can opt for an International mobility semester in order to award 12 credits (e.g. at least three months in a Erasmus+ partner university) 


Theoretical course:

City dynamics and economics

Applied economics 4 credits

Margherita Turvani


8 credits choosen by the student (e.g. courses choosen from the Iuav educational offer or courses during an International mobility semester or credits awarded attending Workshops)

6 credits for the final thesis, which is co-tutored by a Iuav professor and an external tutor


During the whole programme, international students must attend an Italian language course