Attendance and exams

Attendance and exams


Lessons take place according to the schedule of the “Manifesto degli Studi” (Iuav student handbook). Activities begin in January and are mostly concentrated in the days of Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.


Attendance is compulsory for at least 70% of total class hours, seminars, and all required activities.

Exam and graduation sessions are two per year. The academic calendar sets the time periods of each semester and of each exam session, and it also sets the exact dates of the graduation sessions.


A Specialisation School commission determines the passage from the first to the second year of the study programme, and from the second year to the admission to the final thesis presentation. This commission will formulate a judgment on the student’s entire academic course and will give a final academic score in percentage marks.


If the student does not successfully pass the year’s final exam, he may reapply for it a second time, and possibly have a reduced attendance rate. A second repetition of the year is not possible.


The student who intends to suspend the Specialisation School's attendance, having passed the first year final exam, retains a two-year long right to attend the second year.