After the Specialisation School

After the Specialisation School




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The University Career Service offers students the opportunity to view job and internship requests that are published by public or private institutions within the Universitā Iuav di Venezia website.


Requests remain published for a negotiable period; students can apply directly from their Website Secure Area, with their Spin credentials, making sure to include the documentation that is required by the specific institutions.


The Career Service office deals with the collection and selection of all applications. The most relevant ones are then sent to companies and institutions that have published job and internship opportunities.


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Iuav Start-Up – Support measures for innovative entrepreneurship


Universitā Iuav di Venezia has recently been equipped with a new plan for technology transfer, start-up, and innovative entrepreneurship. This plan is engaged in the development of the existing dedicated office, seminar and workshop-based training courses, and the enhancement of all existing start-up activities.


Universitā Iuav is engaged in a series of initiatives for the support of professors, ex-students, and young researchers in order to create spin-off and start-up opportunities that are capable of meeting the new and increasingly articulated needs of the market.


At the same time, Universitā Iuav is working on activating a series of coordinated and complimentary services in support of technology transfer and anything else regarding the university’s “Third Mission” to society (relations with third parties, innovative entrepreneurship, patents, and protection of intellectual property). A round of meetings and laboratory activities (Iuav Re-Start) was launched in 2006 with the aim of enhancing the capacity building of human resources, as well as defining the initiatives and services that are offered in the Technology Transfer area of the Territory Management service.


To complete the university’s new plan for technology transfer, start-up, and innovative entrepreneurship, there are: extensive collaborations with institutions in the fields of fashion, design, and architecture (for joint research activities); university masters and postgraduate opportunities; and the chance of participating in Competition Notices on the European Social Fund, financed by the Regione Veneto.



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