The Specialisation School in Architectural and Landscape Heritage (SSIBAP) offers 37 courses, between compulsory and optional ones, along with free activities such as seminars, conferences, study trips, workshops, and internships in public and private institutions that work in the field of the protection and enhancement of cultural and landscape heritage.


At the start of the year, the student must compile a study plan, a curriculum, in which he defines his optional courses. The Specialisation School Board can recognise and accept (through the presentation of proper documentation) activities related to the specialisation theme that have been carried out in other universities or qualified institutions in Italy or abroad.




Programme articulation


The two-year programme is articulated in four semesters, accompanied by initial and final workshops held by national and international professionals and experts in the field of cultural and landscape heritage.


From the first semester, each student must choose and develop his or her specialisation thesis. The educational offer focuses on the students' projects and is mainly developed in the form of a laboratory, with the involvement of several disciplines and the contribution of external professionals.