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The New urban Question



PhD Urbanism


August 29 > September 2, 2011

Badoer - room D




















As for the former workshop 2010, the theme of “The New Urban Question” is the occasion to reflect on a new research agenda, about cities territories, instruments and ideas.


During the workshop 2011 the PhD students will relate about the state of their work presenting it to the PhD board and to the external professor member of the PhD board (Michiel Dehaene, TU Eindhoven) and to the guest professors Grahame Shane, Columbia University; Arturo Lanzani, Politecnico di Milano.

The PhD students will also discuss in synthesis the paper they are preparing for the VI PhD Seminar. The same program and deadline (to conclude the paper) are also valid for those that have not been selected by the U&U scientific committee. 


The presentations are thematically organized and this has to be considered as an occasion to make explicit links and connections among different PhD thesis. The confrontation will also be on the thesis structures and the research tools. The original contribution of each work in relation to the general theme “The New Urban Question” must be clarified.


The workshop is dedicated to and compulsory for PhD students (who are requested to follow the entire week), but the different activities and the conferences are public.




Monday, August 29

> 11.00 a.m.

Bernardo Secchi, Paola Viganò

The new urban question

An introduction


> 11.30 a.m.

on ecology

discussant Michiel Dehaene, Grahame Shane + PhD Board


Territori in transizione. Ridisegno di frammenti di città veneta in condizioni estreme

Chiara Cavalieri

How does design process in landscape architecture change traditional ways of understanding, interoperating, and constructing the contemporary city?

Nadia D’Agnone

> 2.30 p.m

Managing the scarcity. Water question and the creation of the colonized Palestine

Valentina Francesca Bandieramonte

Ecology of waste

Martina Barcelloni

The fertile city in the light of history and analysis

Stanislas Henrion


Tuesday, August 30

> 9.30 a.m.

on mobility

discussants Michiel Dehaene, Grahame Shane + PhD Board


Representing the network

Ettore Donadoni

From Corridor to Infrastructure

Daniele Pennati

Corridors: objects, metaphors

Irene Guida


> 2.30 p.m

on informality

discussants Michiel Dehaene, Grahame Shane + PhD Board


Duality in Mexico City

Caterina Pregazzi

The US-Mexico border. A line-side approach14

Marco Morganti

Gentrifying pioneers: exclusion and creation on the Frontier

Claudia Di Lecce


> 5.30 p.m.


Urbanism and the External Economy: an old urban question renewed

Michiel Dehaene TU Eindhoven


Wednesday, August 31

> 9.30 a.m

discussants Michiel Dehaene, Grahame Shane + PhD Board


on spatial justice

Educational system and spatial justice. Primary schools in Tehran

Yalda Keramati

Coesistenza tra gruppi e giustizia spaziale: Ahmedabad, Haifa, Skopje

Michele Vianello

Urban Inequity in a Post-disaster Urban Context

Yan Guo

> 2.30 p.m

Justice and the project of landscape and open spaces

Monica Bianchettin

Exposing Spatial Injustices: Observing a Geography of Evil in the Paris Region

Kaveh Rashidzadeh


Nicola Silingardi


> 5.30 p.m.


The New Urban Question.

Urban Design Since 1945; megablocks and village urbanization in the global city?"

Grahame Shane Columbia University


Thursday, September 1

> 9.30 a.m

discussant  Grahame Shane + PhD Board


on urban drivers


Gianni Talamini

Torino Olympics

Alexia De Steffani

On the élite agenda: propaganda and space in the World Fair

Carlo Pin

> 2.30 p.m

From punctual interventions to the net-city: the European urban planning through cultural and environmental polizie

Chiara Farinea

Lessicario for the effective and efficient city

Teresa Lapis

Le tre città postmoderne. Cronache da un’epoca in via di conclusione

Daniele Vazquez Pizzi


Friday, September 2

> 9.30 a.m

discussant  Grahame Shane, Arturo Lanzani + PhD Board


on design tools and the new urban question

The project of the city 1970. The Process of disintegration of the architecture-urbanism unity in the School of Venice

Alvise Marzollo

The core of the city sixty years after

Leonardo Zuccaro

The approach of conservation

Anna Magrin

> 2.30 p.m

Negotiation as a tool of urban planning in local government

Francesca Paini

The inertia of the plan: the issue of time

Michele Sbrissa

Skopje. Dwelling the Open City

Daniela Ruggeri

Urban Imaginary and transformation processes of the cities in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Armina Pilav


> 5.30 p.m.

presentazione del libro

L’Italia al futuro

a cura di Chiara Cavalieri

con gli autori

Arturo Lanzani e Gabriele Pasqui, Politecnico di Milano




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